Child Disease

childhood obesity

Childhood obesity dramatically increases type II diabetes

The childhood obesity is one of the most serious problems faced by children in recent ...

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child autism

Autism in children

The Autism is a neuropsychiatric disorder that typically appears during the first three years of ...

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hiccups in baby

Hiccups in the newborn baby: why it occurs and how to relieve it

Hiccups often becomes a concern for parents, especially when it appears most often in babies. ...

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meningitis in children

Meningitis in children

The meningitis is one of the most dangerous diseases in childhood, because it can leave ...

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Child Health

sudden death of a baby

What is the sudden death of a baby?

The sudden infant death is the sudden and unexpected death of a healthy baby, in ...

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cognitive function of children

The cognitive function of children improves with exercise

Practice exercise regularly improves cognitive functions of children, stimulating their memory and concentration and positively ...

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newborn skin care

Five tips for caring of the newborn’s skin

The newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive. Unlike the skin of adults, babies do not have ...

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children cough

Children’s Cough, action guide for parents

The cough in both adults and children is a defense mechanism of the respiratory system. ...

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Child Behavior

Child Nutrition


Breast Feeding

Pregnancy Tips

Child Development

music education for children

Benefits of Music Education for Children

Whether a child shows some actual musical talent, or is just one of those kids ...

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prevent bedwetting

Treatment for a child who wets in the bed

With time most children stop bedwetting without treatment, but if help is needed health professional ...

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baby swimming

What are the benefits of baby swimming?

The baby swimming is a highly recommended both by psychologists as by educationists. Surprisingly, the ...

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childhood shyness

How to help your child overcome shyness

In the society in which we live we tend to classify children with certain labels ...

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