Child Disease

childhood obesity

Childhood obesity dramatically increases type II diabetes

The childhood obesity is one of the most serious problems faced by children in recent ...

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child autism

Autism in children

The Autism is a neuropsychiatric disorder that typically appears during the first three years of ...

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hiccups in baby

Hiccups in the newborn baby: why it occurs and how to relieve it

Hiccups often becomes a concern for parents, especially when it appears most often in babies. ...

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meningitis in children

Meningitis in children

The meningitis is one of the most dangerous diseases in childhood, because it can leave ...

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Child Health

babies dental health

The dental health of babies

In most babies, the milk teeth will start to grow between 6-12 months old, and ...

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sudden death of a baby

What is the sudden death of a baby?

The sudden infant death is the sudden and unexpected death of a healthy baby, in ...

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cognitive function of children

The cognitive function of children improves with exercise

Practice exercise regularly improves cognitive functions of children, stimulating their memory and concentration and positively ...

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newborn skin care

Five tips for caring of the newborn’s skin

The newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive. Unlike the skin of adults, babies do not have ...

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Child Behavior

Child Nutrition


Breast Feeding

Pregnancy Tips

Child Development

kids play

School’s Out! Play With Your Kids All Summer Long On Your Unique Jungle Gym

Every child looks forward to the summer and every parent scrambles to find a plethora ...

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music education for children

Benefits of Music Education for Children

Whether a child shows some actual musical talent, or is just one of those kids ...

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prevent bedwetting

Treatment for a child who wets in the bed

With time most children stop bedwetting without treatment, but if help is needed health professional ...

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baby swimming

What are the benefits of baby swimming?

The baby swimming is a highly recommended both by psychologists as by educationists. Surprisingly, the ...

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