Child Disease

prevent chickenpox

How to prevent chickenpox in children?

The chicken pox is a viral infection for which the person has blisters all over ...

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infantile gastroenteritis

How to treat infantile gastroenteritis

When our children are small, it is very common that constantly sick with viruses like ...

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children with asthma

Children with asthma: Protocols to follow

Asthma is a common respiratory disease among children and therefore, certain guidelines must be followed ...

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fever in children

Fever in children from 0 to 3 years

During growth many children have fever, which can come from various health problems. The only ...

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Child Health

childhood overweight and obesity

Treatments for childhood overweight and obesity

The overweight, the threshold for obesity is an increasingly common problem among the child population, ...

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meditation for children

Meditation for Children: techniques and benefits

Meditation brings interesting benefits to health, both physically and emotionally. Benefits that can also impact ...

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treat baby cold

How to treat the baby’s cold

In the autumn, it is normal that with temperature changes, our baby can catch a ...

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first period

First period: How to handle the situation with your daughter

The first period is certainly special in the life of any young person, since it ...

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Child Behavior

Child Nutrition


Breast Feeding

Pregnancy Tips

Child Development

talking with children

The importance of talking with your children

It is important to have a good communication with our children to avoid misunderstandings, so ...

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child play indoor

Keeping Your Youngsters Active Indoors

It’s no secret that young children are irrepressible bundles of energy. Although parents often have ...

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safety of babies

Tips to ensure the safety of babies

The safety of children is a priority for all parents, especially for novices who just ...

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keep kids active

How To Keep Kids Active & Social

Parents realize the benefits of keeping children healthy and active as well as helping them ...

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