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What You Need to Know About Spousal Maintenance

spousal maintenance

During the dissolution of your marriage, one of the things that you will need to consider is spousal maintenance. This refers to a stipend paid from one individual to another. Of course, it isn’t nearly as simple as that, however. There are actually a number of factors that determine whether this is something that will be approved in your particular ...

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Mongolian stain on baby

mongolian stain

Whether you are pregnant, you just have your baby or you do not have children, it is normal for the Mongolian stain to ring. This type of blue spot appears on the skin of the smallest since birth and may worry some parents, since they will not know why they have it since then. Although it is more common than ...

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Is it true that breastfeeding causes postpartum hair loss?

postpartum hair loss

There are foods that can promote the appearance of tumors and that diet plays a fundamental role, both in the prevention of cancer and in exposure to an increased risk. What foods can cause cancer? Eating badly violates our health, but sometimes the problem lies in those foods that look healthy but are not that healthy. Pay attention to food ...

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How to Treat Mosquito Bites in Children

mosquito bites in children

With the arrival of summer we feel like living outside. Long excursions, walks in the midst of nature and outdoor activities that can turn into a great nightmare. Mosquitoes are one of the great enemies of our children. This type of insects has a special preference for the delicate skin of the smallest of the house. It is normal to ...

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Simple Skin Care Tips for Children

child skin care

When taking care of their children, few parents pause to reflect on the health of their child’s skin. This is understandable because children’s skin is about as good as nature can make it. However, even a child’s perfect skin will change over time and if care is taken at a young age, it may be possible to preserve the natural ...

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Tips for using the breast pump

using breast pump

Breastfeeding your baby is an intimate, very warm and beautiful act. This entire environment is involved in the output of milk, which is influenced by hormones closely related to the emotional. That is why using something that reminds us of our baby when we use the breast pump is one of the tips that you can implement to do milk ...

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10 signs that your child is addicted to video games

video game addiction

Kids like video games and its fun to be safe without having to burn energies of any kind. Parents should ask whether their children are enjoying normal and healthy development or are really struggling with their children’s video game addiction. It is necessary to know that between 3 and 10% of the players to video games become addicted to them. ...

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6 Low-Cost Toys That Will Entertain Your Kids For Hours

entertain your kids

Believe it or not, it is possible to keep your kids happy and entertained all weekend long without busting your budget on expensive toys. While there are toys out there with some pretty intimidating price tags, there are also plenty of options that will easily fit into even the tightest budgets without leaving your kids feeling bored. There’s no need ...

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