Child Health

Hiccups of the baby inside the womb, why does it happen?

hiccup in the womb

One of the many curiosities of babies when they are in the womb is having hiccups, sometimes the mother can feel, and many others, no. But why does it happen? The hiccup in the womb may already occur in the first trimester of pregnancy, although usually comes in the second or third trimester. When the developing baby has hiccups, the ...

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Treatments for childhood overweight and obesity

childhood overweight and obesity

The overweight, the threshold for obesity is an increasingly common problem among the child population, as doctors have warned on numerous occasions. Being overweight or obese is a risk factor associated with other diseases. And the fact is that every kilo counts for the health. Obesity can make them more prone to disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and ...

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Meditation for Children: techniques and benefits

meditation for children

Meditation brings interesting benefits to health, both physically and emotionally. Benefits that can also impact on children. In fact, the stress, the tensions and concerns are not only adult things. Children can improve their wellbeing with simple meditation sessions, a good alternative sessions for children with hyperactivity. The techniques of meditation and relaxation can be part of healthy habits and ...

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How to treat the baby’s cold

treat baby cold

In the autumn, it is normal that with temperature changes, our baby can catch a cold. This viral infection primarily affects the nasal passages and throat, and manifests through sneezing, dry cough, mucus and in worst cases with fever. If you are a new mother we will teach you to relieve your baby’s cold: Purchase at the pharmacy a nasal ...

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First period: How to handle the situation with your daughter

first period

The first period is certainly special in the life of any young person, since it marks the transition from childhood to middle adolescence. But it is also a time when your child will assail a lot of doubts and questions which, incidentally modesty, perhaps not dare to ask directly. If you maintain a dialogue and open relationship with your daughter, ...

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The dental health of babies

babies dental health

In most babies, the milk teeth will start to grow between 6-12 months old, and since then they are at risk of tooth decay, which can cause pain and other infections. Here are some tips to protect the teeth of the baby: Cavities are invisible at the beginning Dentists agree that sweet liquids that stick to the teeth of a ...

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What is the sudden death of a baby?

sudden death of a baby

The sudden infant death is the sudden and unexpected death of a healthy baby, in most cases, before their first year of life. It is also a condition that usually happens at night, during sleep. Despite having no apparent cause, the sudden death of a baby may be caused by abnormalities in the brain (associated with premature babies) affecting the ...

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The cognitive function of children improves with exercise

cognitive function of children

Practice exercise regularly improves cognitive functions of children, stimulating their memory and concentration and positively affect their academic performance, according to the results of new research from the American Academy of Pediatrics, in which involved 220 school children aged between seven to nine, who conducted an exercise program after school. The aim of the researchers was to analyze the impact ...

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Five tips for caring of the newborn’s skin

newborn skin care

The newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive. Unlike the skin of adults, babies do not have enough defenses to deal with external aggression. Being so vulnerable, her delicate skin needs special care, so we give you five tips to keep in mind to care for newborn skin. Bathroom: short or parts cleaning During the first weeks of life, you must bathe ...

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Children’s Cough, action guide for parents

children cough

The cough in both adults and children is a defense mechanism of the respiratory system. Its primary mission is to expel mucus, phlegm and any foreign objects located from the nose to the smallest bronchioles. In this way it gets harder to breathe better and the occurrence of complications resulting from retention of mucus and phlegm, including bacterial superinfection. It ...

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