Warning Signs

What Parents Don't Know

It is estimated that Parents are only aware of 20-30 percent of their child’s overall negative, dangerous, or destructive behaviors.

For example:

Teens who use drugs usually do so for several months and sometimes even years before their parent’s first become aware of it. When parents become aware of drug use, they tend to have little understanding of the total involvement their child has with drugs. Parents often think that their child is only occasionally using marijuana when in fact; the child is involved in much, much more.

Other examples include the fact that most parents are very much unaware of their teen's first engagement in sexual activity.

For teens that commit crimes, most parents are not aware of their teen’s first several crimes committed. It is often, only when the teen gets caught that parents become aware of their criminal behavior.

Suicides or suicide attempts are usually a major shock to parents because parents are usually only mildly aware of the seriousness of the teen’s problems.