11 most incredible moments of pregnancy and childbirth

Motherhood is full of beautiful and fascinating moments from the beginning. When you realize everything your body is capable of doing and the wonder it is to open the way to a new life, everything becomes even more impressive.

And precisely because from the beginning, motherhood is an experience like no other, here share the 11 most incredible moments of pregnancy and childbirth.

moments of pregnancy

When you find out you’re pregnant

Definitely one of the most exciting, because it is the moment in which you realize that a new, unknown and exciting adventure is about to begin and that from this moment nothing in your life will be the same again. Knowing that a new life is developing in you is definitely one of the most incredible moments.

When you see it on the ultrasound for the first time

If the news of knowing that you are pregnant thrills you and can fill you with many feelings, when the first ultrasound day arrives and when you look for the first time in your life to your baby, it is easy to run out of words. Seeing him in those images makes the experience feel even more real.

When you share the news with your loved ones

Another of the most incredible moments that are experienced during pregnancy is when you give the news to your family, friends and loved ones. Sharing the emotion, surprise and joy that pregnancy brings, makes all those feelings multiply.

When know the sex

Although there are some families that decide to wait until your baby is born, the day you know the sex of the baby you are waiting for, the emotions arrive and without a doubt, your imagination begins to fly, thinking of that little or little one that will soon reach your lives.

When you feel your first kicks

One of the most beautiful moments and that most excites you in pregnancy, is when you first feel his kicks or movements. Perhaps the first few times you are not totally sure that the movement you feel is your baby, but when you already know it with certainty, it is wonderful.

When you talk to your belly and your baby “answers you”

Talking with your baby when he is in your belly is one of the most tender and intimate moments you can have with him. And when you talk to him and he moves as if he answered you, it’s definitely an incredible feeling.

When you choose his name and start calling him

Choosing the name of a baby is something that for some mothers and fathers takes time and a lot of reflection. But once you choose one, and you start calling for him, you feel like love continues to grow and you get to know him better every day.

buy his first clothes

When you buy his first clothes

I do not know if all parents like, but the first time you go shopping thinking about bringing something for your baby, it is a very special moment. Choosing between everything you look at and buying his first clothes is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful feelings that you can feel while awaiting the arrival of our baby.

When you hear his cry after birth

The great day is coming! And after a long wait, your baby is born. And then, you hear for the first time voice that cries, and you can feel like all your heart shudders and your body goes through a feeling of joy and nerves at the same time.

When you look at him for the first time

And then, you look at him: small, fragile and helpless. Perfect because it is a part of you, that your body had the ability to gestate during your pregnancy and has now come to your life to change it completely, with that pair of eyes in which you could lose all day.

When you hold him in your arms for the first time

Finally, one of the most incredible moments you experience during labor and after pregnancy is when you first take your baby in your arms. And there you understand, that the adventure begins and that “mom” is now one of the most important and wonderful parts of your life.