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6 Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas That Your Kids Will Love

Every kid loves Christmas, but for parents the endless queues in toy shops and stress of finding the perfect present can become a little tiresome, particularly when the children get older. If you’re looking to mix things up this holiday season and want to find a fresh way of approaching the Christmas gift conundrum, try out one of these creative new present ideas that your kids will love even more than their usual toy haul.

christmas gift ideas

1. Take them on a memory-making holiday. An amazing holiday by the sea will be far more memorable than a toy that will end up somewhere under the bed by February. Find one of the best villas in bali for families and book the whole crew a magical week in the sunshine. They can splash in the sea, swim in the pool, and have Christmas dinner in the luxurious holiday home. They certainly won’t miss the usual Christmas day routine.

2. Give the gift of an amazing day out. Instead of giving physical gifts this Christmas, why not give your children vouchers that will guarantee them days out that you know they’ll enjoy? For example, let them open up envelopes containing tickets to the local zoo, passes for their favourite rollercoaster – packed theme park, or a trip to their favourite beach. This way their gifts will stretch out over the whole season to come, instead of offering only momentary gratification.

3. Create something original. If you have any particular talent for writing or drawing, make something yourself that shows your kids you really love them in a genuine, heartfelt way. Write your small children personalised books that you fill with mentions of animals and people that they love, and cover the pages with hand-drawn illustrations. You can even have the book printed and bound so that it feels like the real deal. Make a scrapbook if you’re more of an artist than a writer, and pack it with memories of all of their favourite family moments.

4. Give them some of your favourite childhood books. If your children haven’t experienced the best books of your childhood yet, give them a set of the classics for Christmas. If they’re real book lovers, they’ll love getting some new bedtime stories while you’ll have the opportunity to share a piece of your childhood with them.

5. Give a gift that can be transformed into a hobby. Instead of opting for a run of the mill plastic toy, choose a present that can become a hobby for your child. For example, a musical instrument makes a wonderful surprise on Christmas morning, and could offer them years of happiness and satisfaction in the future. Sports gear, crafting kits, and dance outfits can all work here, too.

6. Buy fun educational gifts. There are certain presents that kids love that are secretly educational without them even catching on. For example, a kiddie chemistry kit is tons of fun for even the little ones to play around with, and it’ll also help them learn about science. A telescope is a great way to get your kids interested in studying the night sky and understanding astronomy, while a set of gardening tools could get them excited about helping you out with the flowers.

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