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10 signs that your child is addicted to video games

video game addiction

Kids like video games and its fun to be safe without having to burn energies of any kind. Parents should ask whether their children are enjoying normal and healthy development or are really struggling with their children’s video game addiction. It is necessary to know that between 3 and 10% of the players to video games become addicted to them. ...

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6 Low-Cost Toys That Will Entertain Your Kids For Hours

entertain your kids

Believe it or not, it is possible to keep your kids happy and entertained all weekend long without busting your budget on expensive toys. While there are toys out there with some pretty intimidating price tags, there are also plenty of options that will easily fit into even the tightest budgets without leaving your kids feeling bored. There’s no need ...

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How to prepare baby’s first meals

babys first meals

From the sixth month of life, the baby can go incorporating their first meals, beyond continuing with breast milk. In this article we share some recommendations on the baby’s first meals, which will mean not only a novelty for them from the nutritional point of view but also a way to strengthen the life and customs in family. In addition ...

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Keeping Your Youngsters Active Indoors

child play indoor

It’s no secret that young children are irrepressible bundles of energy. Although parents often have a hard time keeping up, playing for hours on end hardly fazes energetic youngsters. However, depending on where you live, your little ones may not have sufficient space in which to burn off their excess energy. If your home lacks a yard or isn’t located ...

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Activities for children on holiday

children on holiday

Children have more than two weeks without classes, which occasionally can become a headache for parents, as they watch their lack of time – organizing everything – can be harmful to children. Therefore it is important to think about activities that children can do at home during the holidays to enjoy, and to learn. One of the activities in which ...

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The importance of spending time with children

spending time with children

With the arrival of summer, enjoy long-awaited vacation. And what better way to take advantage of the free time to dedicate to ourselves and to our children. It is very important to spend time with them, to bring new things and knowledge for development. To spend time with our children contributes an endless number of benefits, above all on a ...

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Kiss children on the mouth: Yes or no?

kiss children on mouth

A question that seems simple but that, in reality, hides much more. In fact, to kiss children on the mouth is a way of showing affection that not all parents share. In general, most parents consider that kiss kids on the mouth is an accepted and accomplice to a certain age, from birth to two or three years. Why? Because, ...

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Why should you care baby oral health

care baby oral health

Even if a baby does not have teeth, it is very important to look after their oral health. Thus they may prevent bacteria associated with caries and other oral infections that are present in saliva. So oral hygiene is the point to be taken into account from the start, as well as take care of the oral cavity, not too ...

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