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Importance of early stimulation in premature babies

development of the premature baby

Early stimulation in premature babies is very important for the good development of the baby. To work with them, we must know the corrected age of the child, that is, the date on which he should have been born and not on which he was born. With this date we will determine at what stage of development the baby is. ...

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Pregnancy after a tummy tuck: Is it possible?

Pregnancy after a tummy tuck

Can pregnancy possible after a tummy tuck? Although this surgery is aimed at patients who have gone through large increases and weight loss, with sagging skin, it does not present restrictions for a normal development of pregnancy. It is common for women to undergo a tummy tuck when they no longer wish to have more children, but want to erase ...

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Unique gifts to buy for children

gifts to buy for children

There is so much available for children and there is easy access to ordering just about anything from anywhere. The challenge to buy something unique and practical is getting harder and harder. You don’t want to buy yet another toy made in China and one that will either break very soon or something that they already have plenty of. It ...

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How to Keep a Baby Safe At Home?

keep baby safe

Children are the most precious for all parents, especially mothers. However, some mothers eventually have to work in this day and age so unfortunately they have to leave their children at home. This could be quite of a concern if the child is small as a baby. Thus, all mothers should know how to keep a baby safe at home ...

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How do I give fish to my child?

fish for child

It is well known that fish is a very rich food at a nutritional level. In addition to containing proteins with a high biological value, it also provides essential nutrients such as iodine or selenium and vitamins A, D or B12, among other interesting nutrients such as the healthy fat of blue fish. Surely you know the omega-3 fatty acids ...

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Guardianship and custody: Everything you need to know

child custody

We will address in this article the most common doubts about the custody of children. It is a section on which we know that there are not a few misunderstandings, so we will try to explain in the simplest way possible what this legal concept is and is not. Parental power and custody and custody Guardianship and custody tend to ...

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Reconnect With Your Partner During Pregnancy

reconnect with partner

Planning for a baby is stressful. Besides the physical, mental, and emotional toll of pregnancy, preparing for a new little one can be overwhelming for even the closest of partners. While you may be in full-on nesting mode, your partner might be at a loss as to how to handle the impending dynamic changes. Here are a few tips for ...

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11 most incredible moments of pregnancy and childbirth

buy his first clothes

Motherhood is full of beautiful and fascinating moments from the beginning. When you realize everything your body is capable of doing and the wonder it is to open the way to a new life, everything becomes even more impressive. And precisely because from the beginning, motherhood is an experience like no other, here share the 11 most incredible moments of ...

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