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Breastfeeding or artificial feeding?

artificial feeding

Many new mothers are faced the question of feeding their baby with breast milk or artificial feeding. No doubt that maternal breastfeeding is the best food for the baby, but the truth is that many women can not breastfeed, and this need not be a problem for the development of their child. The truth is that women need not feel ...

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Why should you care baby oral health

care baby oral health

Even if a baby does not have teeth, it is very important to look after their oral health. Thus they may prevent bacteria associated with caries and other oral infections that are present in saliva. So oral hygiene is the point to be taken into account from the start, as well as take care of the oral cavity, not too ...

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Steps to follow for a baby to sleep

teach baby to sleep

If you are a mother you should know how difficult it can be to sleep a baby, and the difficulty increases as they grow. There are all kinds of babies, from assets that do not want to stop playing, even those who are sensitive to noise. To get to sleep, you must work to have their created sleep routine. The ...

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How to care for children diet in summer

children diet in summer

The diet of the children is very important to care. Summer is the time when most enjoy the ‘sin’ as the holidays arrive and can go to the beach and pool. But this season can become a headache for parents and their care and feeding is more complicated. That is why parents should follow with the food that children remain ...

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Benefits of baby swimming

baby swimming

Sports and physical exercise is something that many reported health benefits. We are becoming more aware of it and more and more people increasingly engage in some type of sport. That’s why you have to start playing sports at an early age to feel its benefits since we were small. And though it may sound crazy to many people, there ...

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Babies and moms: Basic tips for new moms

tips for new moms

On issues of mothers and babies, having a child is always one of the best news we can receive in our lives. Becoming a mother is one of the best things and one of the great dreams fulfilled, although it is also true that since the beginning we learn that we are to become mothers, our life changes completely, which ...

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Onychomycosis in children: how to cure it


Onychomycosis is defines as an infection of the skin caused by fungi. Although we may think that these infections are typical of adults, the truth is that this disorder can also occur in children. Its symptoms or most obvious signs are yellow, thick nails and peeling of the skin. However, this is a symptom that should be evaluated by your ...

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Preventing nightmares in children

nightmares in children

If your children have nightmares constantly, you must follow these tips to prevent him from having a stormy night. Discover how to avoid it here! There is a time in the lives of all children that wake up every night crying and frightened, this is due to the dreaded nightmares. These appear between two years and increase between 3 to ...

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How to avoid aggression in children

avoid aggression in children

Reaches an age in children, in which their level of aggression increases and must learn to control it and avoid it. Follow these tips to make it! The children create tantrums, temper tantrums and cry endlessly when something bothers them, but as they grow their attitudes to demonstrate their anger increase and become dangerous. The growing children learn from everything ...

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What happens with weight gain during pregnancy?

weight gain during pregnancy

Many women are concerned about weight gain during pregnancy, which is a stage in the life of women in the metabolism works differently. Let’s analyze what happens with weight gain during pregnancy: During pregnancy the regulation of fat and sugar is different because the body tends to build up reserves for breastfeeding. The hormones related to pregnancy favor the appetite, ...

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