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Baby care in winter: Bath and sleep

baby care in winter

In winter, due to the cold weather special care will require for our baby. At this time the flu and colds are very common, so we have to take extra precautions when bathing and sleeping. Here we left some tips for you to follow, so that your small will be healthier than ever: The bath time should be pleasant for ...

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Children with asthma: Protocols to follow

children with asthma

Asthma is a common respiratory disease among children and therefore, certain guidelines must be followed to improve the conditions of life both inside and outside the home. In this way you will prevent attacks and ensure the health of the affected children. It is not easy to know what causes asthma, but the first thing to do is to remove ...

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What vitamins are essential during pregnancy?

essential vitamin during pregnancy

While all nutrients are essential during pregnancy, there are certain vitamins that fulfill important roles during pregnancy and that not be neglecting to prevent problems or, even fetal malformations. In principle, you should not forget that during pregnancy no longer be treated only nourish your body but also, and especially, that of your baby. The vitamins are keys to ensure ...

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Children and dangers of Internet

internet for kids

Both adults and young people think of the computer as a source of accurate and reliable information. The increasing number of free online services and access to the Internet has added a new dimension to the use of internet. Most of connection services provided to children resources such as encyclopedia, news, access to libraries and other valuable materials. They can ...

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The importance of spending time with children

spending time with children

With the arrival of summer, enjoy long-awaited vacation. And what better way to take advantage of the free time to dedicate to ourselves and to our children. It is very important to spend time with them, to bring new things and knowledge for development. To spend time with our children contributes an endless number of benefits, above all on a ...

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Quick dinners for children, ready in 15 minutes!

quick dinners for children

Having children can be exhausting, and more when both work and have to do all the housework. For those days that do not give us time to prepare big deal, here we will give you some quick dinner recipes, nutritious and delicious. In less than 30 minutes you’ll have dishes that can participate all members of the family at the ...

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Babies: The importance of putting vaccines

baby putting vaccine

As mothers, we must ensure the health of our babies. It is no secret to anyone that vaccines are one of the most important developments in the world of medicine. That is why if you are mothers, may know the importance of religiously follow the immunization schedule established by your baby’s pediatrician. Not vaccinating children or babies can seriously affect ...

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How to treat the baby’s cold

treat baby cold

In the autumn, it is normal that with temperature changes, our baby can catch a cold. This viral infection primarily affects the nasal passages and throat, and manifests through sneezing, dry cough, mucus and in worst cases with fever. If you are a new mother we will teach you to relieve your baby’s cold: Purchase at the pharmacy a nasal ...

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Tips to recover weight after childbirth

lose weight after childbirth

You have just had the childbearing and even the thrill of your baby is most important, sure you are already thinking about how to get rid of the extra kilos. Like everything else, time, knowledge and perseverance are essential for success. We offer a number of tips to lose weight after childbirth. In principle, you should not forget that during ...

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