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Useful tips for postpartum

tips for postpartum

After the birth, especially if you’re a new mother, you may have many questions about the recovery process as hygiene and food. That is why we want to give some useful tips that will help you a lot after delivery. So take up your questions noted and resolved. For starters, food is a very important point for this period, especially ...

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Myths about baby care

baby myths

When you’re a new mother is normal to feel fear when it comes to care for the baby. Everyone wants to give advice and ideas, mainly of family and friends who have already lived the experience. But the reality is that there are many myths that arise about the care of the kids. Then we mention the main myths that ...

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Fever in children from 0 to 3 years

fever in children

During growth many children have fever, which can come from various health problems. The only way to know the temperature of the child really is by placing the thermometer into the rectum. The amount of fever is not always related to the severity of the disease. The lower temperatures of 39.5º are very well tolerated by the child. All children ...

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Lazy eye in children: Symptoms and treatment

lazy eye in children

According to medical data is estimated to lazy eye or amblyopia affects about 2-5% of children. The lazy eye can be defined as visual defect that, once detected, can be corrected completely. How to identify our son/daughter has a lazy eye problem? What are the most obvious signs? What is the best treatment? These are some of the questions that ...

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Co-sleeping: Benefits of sleeping with babies


Sleeping with babies is what is known as co-sleeping. Co-sleeping has many advantages, and although many people criticize this type of parenting, each day it is more widespread in our society. One of the big advantages is that the baby can feed better overnight. When breastfeeding is to demand the production of milk is regulated, from what the babies if ...

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How to protect yourself from the heat if you are pregnant

pregnant in summer

Falling pregnant is a wonderful, unique experience, but when this happens in summer, with changes in temperature between the inside of a house and the heat of the street, can make it more annoying to the woman. Therefore, you must perform a series of tricks to pass this session as warm and sunny as best as possible. With the heat, ...

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How to calm a crying baby?

calm crying baby

A baby can be endearing, but sometimes cries and cries and no human way of to reassurance it. This is mainly because it has not been given to the origin of the “claim” in small, since his crying may be due numerous and varied reasons. It is important to locate that is what he wants, in order to offer you ...

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First period: How to handle the situation with your daughter

first period

The first period is certainly special in the life of any young person, since it marks the transition from childhood to middle adolescence. But it is also a time when your child will assail a lot of doubts and questions which, incidentally modesty, perhaps not dare to ask directly. If you maintain a dialogue and open relationship with your daughter, ...

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Does your child have anxiety?

child anxiety

Although always relate to the anxiety as a problem of adults derived from daily stress, the truth is that many children suffer from the same disorder. In fact, statistics indicate that between 6% and 20% of children and adolescents aged 9-17 years will also suffer anxiety. The child medical experts indicate that approximately 10% of children aged 7-11 years going ...

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How to get kids to do homework

kids to do homework

For many kids, homework at home becomes a real tragedy that ultimately undermines the emotional stability of the family. Parents have in their hands the possibility to avoid, establishing routines and guidelines that encourage the child to do their homework without too much trouble. We give you some tricks to make your children feel to do his homework on his ...

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