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Why does my child sucks his thumb?

child sucks thumb

The suction is a reflection that the newborn has even before his arrival in the world; scans show that the fetuses of 13-14 weeks already suck his tiny fingers. Even it is seen some babies at birth, a small blister on hand due to the suction maintained inside the uterus. The act of sucking not only for the baby a ...

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How to change a diaper

change diapers

If you are new parents, get ready, because changing diapers is an art that can only be learned through practice. At first you will be missing hands, but then surely you can do even with closed eyes. This is how you change the diaper your baby step by step: Keep everything at hand. Before placing the baby on the changing ...

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High-risk pregnancy, how to avoid complications

high-risk pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy is one that has a better chance of complications, both from the point of view of the mother and the baby and hence, the previous control during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, must be more comprehensive, avoiding any possible risk. Only 10% of pregnancies are considered high risk, although no unanimous agreement on what should be considered as ...

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Baby-led weaning

baby-led weaning

In recent years we are talking increasingly of the baby-led weaning method or self-regulation power by the baby as a way to introduce complementary feeding. It basically involves bypassing log phase puree and crushed, but letting the child is discovering it only the textures and flavors of solid foods. Since this method is spreading more and parents often have many ...

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Children’s Cough, action guide for parents

children cough

The cough in both adults and children is a defense mechanism of the respiratory system. Its primary mission is to expel mucus, phlegm and any foreign objects located from the nose to the smallest bronchioles. In this way it gets harder to breathe better and the occurrence of complications resulting from retention of mucus and phlegm, including bacterial superinfection. It ...

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Breastfeeding promotes future fertility of baby boys

baby boys breastfeeding

There is no doubt that breastfeeding is best for baby, both nutritionally and emotionally, but we see that the more research on breast milk, more benefits is discovered. In this case, in relation to the survival of the species, since according to a study, breastfeeding promotes the future fertility of baby boys. They have discovered that babies who are breastfed ...

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How due date is calculated

calculated due date

When you become pregnant once you get to do math to know when your baby is born, what will be the appointed day. Although the percentage of babies who are born the day that marks the calendar is very low, only 5 per cent, to know the probable date of birth will help you to have an indicative date. Since ...

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Six errors in communication with our teenage children

communication with teenager

In the relationship between parents and children, the key is dialogue. Talk about a problem is to have already half solved. Trying to educate without fostering the dialogue is like trying to build a house without a secure foundation. What did we do wrong? This is often the question that many parents are asking. They feel like failures because they ...

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Menu of healthy foods for pregnant women

healthy foods for pregnant women

Food is always very important, especially in the case of children and pregnant women. Nutritional needs change during pregnancy, and for this reason it is important to follow a diet with recipes especially focused for them. During pregnancy should note that meals should bring reinforcements of folic acid, vitamin C and B12, omega 3 … all in a balanced way ...

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