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Menu of healthy foods for pregnant women

healthy foods for pregnant women

Food is always very important, especially in the case of children and pregnant women. Nutritional needs change during pregnancy, and for this reason it is important to follow a diet with recipes especially focused for them. During pregnancy should note that meals should bring reinforcements of folic acid, vitamin C and B12, omega 3 … all in a balanced way ...

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The short women have fewer problems in childbirth

short women problems in childbirth

Tell me how you are and I will tell you how your birth … At least we can get an idea, but then the time of delivery depends on many other factors. For example, if you are short, it’s natural that your baby is born with a small head, which can be guaranteed (in principle) a birth with fewer complications. ...

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How to apply punishments to children

apply punishments

The punishment of parents, by violent physical or verbal, are for the child a model of aggressive behavior. If the child lives surrounded by this model, you will be acquiring the habit of aggressively responding to conflict situations. When the parents punished through physical or verbal abuse are converted to the child in models of aggressive behavior. How to apply ...

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Teach your child to use the toilet

teach child to use toilet

Success in teaching children to use the toilet depends on properly assess whether they are prepared to choose a good time and motivation they receive no dramas or scolding. Teach your child to use the toilet Stop using diapers is synonymous with getting older and, indeed, toilet training requires physical and mental maturity by children, when they still do not ...

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The baby’s eyes: Problems and curiosities

baby eye

80% of learning and development of babies require view. Therefore, it is imperative that parents are aware of any anomalies or problems in the eyes of their children from birth. The baby’s eyes The view is the most important sense that humans possess, and the eye is the organ that makes this possible. From birth, and as we grow, vision ...

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Tips for new parents

new parents

Your baby has been born and overwhelms you happiness … but also doubts about how to react and look at the newcomer. We offer a small survival guide for new parents. Mistakes to avoid in the first months of baby Becoming parents is one of the most challenging tasks in the world and the first months are undoubtedly the hardest. ...

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What is the best alternative to punishment?

best alternative to punishment

One way to transmit discipline children is through rewards and punishments are the methods in which the majority of today’s parents were educated and most frequently used in order to achieve good behavior. However, methods based on rewards and punishments are not exempt from numerous disadvantages. In this article we will discuss an alternative method of behavior modification, the method ...

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