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How to create a lasting bond with your children

lasting bond with children

It is very common for mothers and fathers to notice that when children reach adolescence, there is no such level of trust as parents want. It is an age of important changes for the children. The first changes are experienced by the body. Then the teenager comes in contact with new social groups, discovers sexuality, and falls in love … ...

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What to put in your maternity bag for the hospital?

Your baby’s clothes, hygiene products for you, baby bottles, pacifiers… That long list of things to put in your maternity bag, but are you really going to need everything? We tell you what is essential. The time is about to give birth, you probably already have the maternity bag that you are going to take to the hospital for delivery. ...

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Massage your baby strengthens the bond

baby massage

The massage to your baby is a great way to show love and go to strengthen the bond with him from the beginning. Let’s look at the benefits of infant massage on welfare, both baby and parents. In principle, it is worth noting that when practicing a massage to the little one are maintaining several important factors for the bonding ...

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Crawling Benefits: Reasons to Let Your Baby Crawl

importance of crawling

There are those who think that crawling is something that children should not do, because it hurt their knees, because they get dirty if they do it on the street and because it is better to walk. A very common mistake that science has denied with a scientific study since crawling helps the physical and psychological development of babies, so ...

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Tips for your baby learn to sleep

baby learn to sleep

With the arrival of the baby life of their parents is disrupted, and in many ways, one of them is when he comes to sleep. Patience, love and more patience will be what are needed, especially in the first months of child life. However, over time the baby will be bigger and learning, also to sleep, as he does to ...

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Fertility and stress: a bad combination

fertility and stress

Although it is not news that stress affects health in all its forms, and fertility in particular, a new study has concluded that the women under stress are reduced their chances of pregnancy by 40 percent. The work was carried out by the School of Public Health and Information Sciences at the University of Louisville in Kentucky and Emory University ...

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What factors affect fertility?

factors affect fertility

While most people have no trouble to conceive within a year of sex without contraceptive measures, about 15 percent it can have drawbacks. Beyond specific functional issues, there are certain factors or habits that are negative and can affect fertility. The age: As it is already known, especially in the case of women. Fertility is reduced over the years. The ...

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Improves the snack of the children with these tips

snack of children

The feeding of the children should be balanced and nutritious, which is sometimes hampered by the lack of time, for the day to day, full of carbohydrates, fatty food and industrial bakery. In this article we have some tips to improve the snack of your children, in such a way as to reduce the “empty calories” and increase the nutrients ...

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Hiccups of the baby inside the womb, why does it happen?

hiccup in the womb

One of the many curiosities of babies when they are in the womb is having hiccups, sometimes the mother can feel, and many others, no. But why does it happen? The hiccup in the womb may already occur in the first trimester of pregnancy, although usually comes in the second or third trimester. When the developing baby has hiccups, the ...

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