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The Importance of Letting Dad be a Parent Too

dad be a parent

The ‘Mom’ instincts can be traced back to evolutionary origins. As a mother, it is easy for your entire world to be occupied by your baby. This is why, oftentimes, it can be difficult to let other people parent your child. It can even be challenging to let your baby’s father take care of your little one! This can happen ...

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In what position should sleep a newborn?

newborn to sleep

New mothers often have many doubts about baby care and one of them comes to bedtime to sleep. This moment is certainly very important, and mistakes can be fatal for baby. Many mothers will already have heard of the “crib death” or the “cot death”, and that can happen if the baby sleep in the wrong position. However, you must ...

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The importance of talking with your children

talking with children

It is important to have a good communication with our children to avoid misunderstandings, so that they have a good education and so that they can be unrolled in their life with other persons. You have to teach them, since childhood, to communicate properly. Talk with your children Good communication is a valuable tool that we can give to our ...

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Treatments for childhood overweight and obesity

childhood overweight and obesity

The overweight, the threshold for obesity is an increasingly common problem among the child population, as doctors have warned on numerous occasions. Being overweight or obese is a risk factor associated with other diseases. And the fact is that every kilo counts for the health. Obesity can make them more prone to disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and ...

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The good side of video games for children

good side of video games

Video games are one of the most loved activities for children and adolescents, and parents often do not understand what is of special and, even, think that it can be harmful to them. We have heard many cases in which it has been blamed for this kind of games of turning violent the children and often we are alerted to ...

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Keeping Your Youngsters Active Indoors

child play indoor

It’s no secret that young children are irrepressible bundles of energy. Although parents often have a hard time keeping up, playing for hours on end hardly fazes energetic youngsters. However, depending on where you live, your little ones may not have sufficient space in which to burn off their excess energy. If your home lacks a yard or isn’t located ...

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Tips to ensure the safety of babies

safety of babies

The safety of children is a priority for all parents, especially for novices who just had a baby. It is important to know that as the baby grows; the risks are changing, so it’s good to know what represents a risk for him and especially how to prevent accidents through measures appropriate security. The newborn needs special attention and some ...

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Caring for baby’s first teeth

caring baby teeth

Prolonged use of pacifiers and baby bottle and permanent consumption of juices, or improper hygiene during the first months of your baby can trigger many problems in their oral development. Take care of the first baby teeth, known as milk teeth; avoid many problems in its permanent dentition. The formation and hygiene of the baby teeth From the first weeks ...

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What to eat and what not to eat when you’re pregnant

food for pregnant women

When you’re pregnant it’s time to look after yourself especially. And it is that if it is always important, during this stage of life is much more. And as you know you have to be careful with certain foods and beverages. Without going any further, the intake of alcohol is completely prohibited. It is something basic but which we cannot ...

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How To Keep Kids Active & Social

keep kids active

Parents realize the benefits of keeping children healthy and active as well as helping them develop important life skills such as social interaction that will carry them to lifelong success. When choosing avenues for early childhood after school activities and childcare, finding a safe, professional environment with trained staff and personnel that attend to their needs is very important. When ...

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