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The importance of breastfeeding during the first months

successful breastfeeding

Over the past several years, the first week of August – from 1 to 7 – held in more than 120 countries world breastfeeding week: this year with the theme “Breastfeeding: A Key to Sustainable Development”, an opportunity to create a greater awareness of the importance of breastfeeding in the first months of life. Breast milk not only provides the ...

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How to prepare baby’s first meals

babys first meals

From the sixth month of life, the baby can go incorporating their first meals, beyond continuing with breast milk. In this article we share some recommendations on the baby’s first meals, which will mean not only a novelty for them from the nutritional point of view but also a way to strengthen the life and customs in family. In addition ...

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Pregnancy: Tips for better sleep during the last quarter

sleep better during last quarter

Sleep well during pregnancy can be difficult to achieve, especially in the last quarter, in which the abdomen is an impediment for an ideal sleep, often being difficult to find a comfortable position. However, it is essential to rest well to deal with forces childbirth and the postpartum period. On this occasion, we have some tips to fall asleep and ...

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How to Create a Home Library for Children

home Library for children

Home libraries are not just for fanatical readers. Everyone can benefit from having a library at home, especially parents with school-aged children. Now, when most people think of home libraries, they think of massive libraries of old English mansions. Sure, if you have the money, you can build a library like that. However, you can still build a budget-sized library ...

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All you need to know about child otitis

know about child otitis

The child otitis is one of the problems facing the majority of children, especially infants aged 6 to 18 months have not been able yet to develop their immune system. Small must endure an annoying pain in the ear that can cause other side symptoms. As mothers must learn to identify it and act immediately to avoid that the problem ...

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Working mothers: Tricks to spend time with children

spend time with children

Today there are many mothers who have to combine work with caring for their children. This carries great physical and mental exhaustion, but what we really care about is not spending enough time with our children and who may feel alone during his childhood. We tell you the tricks to spend more time with the children being a working mother. ...

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Why nausea occur in pregnancy?

nausea in pregnancy

If you have been or are in “sweet wait” you know what the nausea is during the pregnancy. Sure you’ve tried all kinds of inducements to combat it … But, do you know why it occurs? The main responsible for this little pleasant sensation seems to be gonadotropin hormone, whose level increases significantly during the first trimester of pregnancy. According ...

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What is the alpha-fetoprotein test?

alpha-fetoprotein test

An alpha-fetoprotein (or AFP) test is a non-invasive prenatal blood test given to pregnant women in order to find out if the baby is at risk of having a number of medical problems. It is perhaps best known as a non-invasive Down syndrome test. As is the case for most non-invasive prenatal genetic testing, a positive alpha fetoprotein test does ...

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