Babies: The importance of putting vaccines

As mothers, we must ensure the health of our babies. It is no secret to anyone that vaccines are one of the most important developments in the world of medicine. That is why if you are mothers, may know the importance of religiously follow the immunization schedule established by your baby’s pediatrician. Not vaccinating children or babies can seriously affect his health and puts at risk his immune system.

baby putting vaccine

When receiving the vaccine, the fluid that enters the body encourages the production of antibodies against the virus, causing the child to develop micro-organisms that help them to defend themselves and rely on immunity. If you have some doubts, it is best to talk to the pediatrician since there are vaccines that have to put on time or some apply only once.

Babies from birth to 6 years old who have a more sensitive immune system, which means that they can ill, accumulate bacteria and viruses, etc. This is why vaccination is so important to protect it from common diseases that occur in childhood, that if the contract can seriously affect their health.

Vaccines are the safer alternative to protect children from diseases such as chickenpox, measles, rotavirus, rubella, pneumococcal, among other diseases, like whooping cough, polio or diphtheria. In addition vaccines protect children, prevent the virus from spreading and can sicken the rest of their environment.

Although some parents choose to not vaccinate their children, this is very dangerous, because there is no scientific evidence that support possible damage of vaccines, so vaccination remains the only way of prevention of childhood diseases, which in some cases may cause death or severe consequences.