Baby care in winter: Bath and sleep

In winter, due to the cold weather special care will require for our baby. At this time the flu and colds are very common, so we have to take extra precautions when bathing and sleeping. Here we left some tips for you to follow, so that your small will be healthier than ever:

baby care in winter

The bath time should be pleasant for the baby, so you have to stay warm before putting it in the water. This can be done with a heater. When the environment is warm, you should undress the baby and check that water has a good temperature, which is not cool, but not boiling. At bath time, heat a little pot of gel and also the moisturizer.

If the baby is newborn, it is best not to bathe daily, but alternate it with wet wipes. A good idea is to use a mini plastic tub to bathe the baby, this way you can better control the water temperature. Do not forget to have clothes and baby towel, to dress him up in the bathroom, because during the path of your bedroom he can be cold.

And to sleep, do not forget to warm up the bedroom, and overwhelm the baby neither with many clothes nor with too many blankets. It is best to put a finite body and extracted pajamas or one piece pajama that will serve to shelter his head, feet and arms. The room temperature should be between 19 and 20° C, so he will not feel cold and sleep well all night.