Baby massage: The best way to relax your child

Although it does not manifest in the same way that adults do, the babies also suffer stress or nervous. The best way to prevent your child is restless is to calm with a gentle and soothing massage. It’s simple. With a little guidance you can give your baby a massage at home, without needing to consult specialized center, from the first month of life.

baby massage

Tomb your baby on a flat surface covered with a towel. Do not stand in a drafty area, avoiding at all costs a gust of wind or a slightly lower temperature so that your child does not get cold.

Massage for babies with smooth and delicate movements
Starts with the feet. Massage the plants, the instep and the fingers of your baby. Then performs movements ranging from the heel to the tip of the fingers, encouraging your child knows his lower extremities while you foster his good bone development. Continue on the legs, massaging both top-down and bottom-up, and the gut and stomach, with soft and delicate circular movements encourage your baby a good digestion. Follow the same instructions for massaging the arms and hands of your baby.

Later you can put your child lying down and give a relaxing back massage. Performs a circular motion and up and down, always gently, while “talking” with the baby. With these simple movements that your child get to sleep much better, not shown uneasy, make digestion properly and have good growth and bone development.