Bleeding during pregnancy: Causes and steps

Considering that the cause of menstruation is precisely that the egg is not fertilized and therefore does not occur in pregnancy, is able to state that during pregnancy, by its very nature, it is impossible to produce the menstruation. However, there are other women who experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. The nature and causes of such bleeding can be several, and its consequences.

bleeding during pregnancy

Causes of bleeding during pregnancy
During the first trimester of pregnancy is often similar to menstruation bleeding can be due to hormonal changes or an implantation bleeding, that is, when the egg is adhering to the walls of the uterus can cause the breaking of some veins supplying the endometrium. In principle, this bleeding should not alarm anyone if it persists beyond the first few weeks.

But there are other causes of bleeding itself should be immediately checked because it can be produced by any of these reasons:

Ectopic Pregnancy: When the embryo develops outside the uterus can cause bleeding as well as nausea and weakness. In these cases it is necessary to remove the embryo because pregnancy can not come to an end.

Placenta problems: This is the case of placenta previa, which covers the cervix or the detachment of the placenta, and occurs when the placenta detaches from the uterus.

Trauma to the cervix: In the early weeks of pregnancy the cervix can cause bleeding to be inflamed due to an increased blood supply. It may also appear infections, both vaginal and sexually transmitted.

Spontaneous abortion: These are very common among first-time pregnant and cause bleeding and cramps.

Polyps in the uterus: it present bled in the pregnant woman, but if it’s not too large and do not prevent the normal development of the fetus does not require intervention.

Steps to be followed before the bleeding during pregnancy
Before the emergence of a vaginal bleeding during pregnancy it is never more go to the doctor, because what is sure is that it is not the menstruation. But also should distinguish what is a bleeding of what is a hemorrhage, the latter far more dangerous than bleeding.

While bleeding is lighter and has a red, pink or brown, the hemorrhage is more abundant and very deep red color. Anyway, even if the bleeding is slight, if accompanied by abdominal pain or other symptoms it is important to see a specialist right away to prevent spontaneous abortion.

Usually, when there is bleeding during pregnancy is not any serious problem and can be solved with prolonged bed rest. In some cases, it may be necessary Inhibition of uterine contractions to avoid or administering progesterone, the hormone that is responsible for that gestation is carried out in a correct way.