Breast milk makes babies smarter

Breastfeeding raises children’s IQs and improves their academic performance. That means that mothers who breastfeed their babies can expect them to be smarter than babies who did not have the same opportunity.

This was the conclusion arrived investigators further study was already done on the subject, conducted by experts from Canada McGill University, Montreal.

breast milk to baby

The team followed up to 13,889 infants born between June 1996 to December 1997 in Belarus motherhood, for almost seven years and found that children exclusively breastfed for a long time and performed better on cognitive tests obtained through IQ tests and first qualifications of the children in the school. It was also noted that these children had better outcomes, and by far, in reading and writing.

The study director, Michael Kramer, says that now all that remains clear is whether this difference is due only to the ingestion of breast milk or if social and physical interactions between mother and child during breastfeeding arrived also contributed to this result.

With appropriate support, many mothers could continue breastfeeding their babies. What happens is that for various reasons and pretexts some choose not to continue breastfeeding her baby.

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In many countries breastfeeding rates have dropped significantly, though, leftover, large properties and benefits of breast milk for the baby is known. We hope that the results of this new study will encourage mothers to return to the old and healthy habits.

Aesthetic concerns or baby’s health

Today in common bump in the street, in a park or in a supermarket, with a mother breastfeeding her baby. More than a beautiful and tender gesture, I think a very conscious and responsible decision by the mother.

No matter the place, it is important that you not miss milk to your baby, breast milk is a well-utilized resource, and that the baby is best fed.

Although our paths will cross with such scenes, I think that every day there are more women who do not follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization, which calls for at least six months of exclusive breastfeeding for the baby.

Only 25% of babies less than 6 months of life take only breast milk. I wonder why breastfeeding is becoming a very little used and valued resource. On the one hand it is the aesthetic factor. The mother gets into a panic just thinking that she can keep the sagging breasts.

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On the other, there is the lack of patience and persistence. Breastfeeding, like any other measure takes time and practice. You can not give up at the first. In addition, guidance on the best way of breastfeeding, do not miss.

And besides all that, there is the time factor. Not having time and became the perfect excuse to do many things. Many nurseries are already sufficiently prepared to feed babies with milk from their mothers.

I think that if a mother decides to not breastfeed for some of these reasons, it is because it lacks something of consciousness or knowledge. The nutritional benefits of growth and development of breast milk for the baby are enormous.

It makes them less vulnerable to disease, and even represents a cost savings for the family. Buy milk, baby bottles and other costs involved have to resort to alternative forms of breast milk, it costs a lot.

I recognize that breastfeeding her child or not is a choice and a personal decision and a right of every mother. By one or the other option, it will not be better or worse mother.

However, I also recognize that not only the health of the baby gains with breast milk. The mother also goes out favored. Well, both. The mother-child relationship is much closer because the mother’s not only shares milk with her son, but also time, emotions, and communication.