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Breastfeeding promotes future fertility of baby boys

There is no doubt that breastfeeding is best for baby, both nutritionally and emotionally, but we see that the more research on breast milk, more benefits is discovered. In this case, in relation to the survival of the species, since according to a study, breastfeeding promotes the future fertility of baby boys.

baby boys breastfeeding

They have discovered that babies who are breastfed are augmented their virility and fertility in adulthood, counteracting the harmful effect of exposure of mother during pregnancy to toxic compounds derived from plastics that act as disrupters or hormone disruptors.

The researchers studied more than 300 couples and their babies for two years and found that male babies breastfed with chest had a greater anogenital distance (DAG), i.e. between the anus and genitals, those bottle-fed, what which is associated with greater virility in adolescence and adulthood.

It is expected that men with greater anogenital distance have a higher quality of semen, more sperm and thus more reproductive capacity.

The anogenital distance is an anthropometric measure that settles in the intrauterine life and during the first months of life influenced by exposure to androgens. If the mother has been exposed to phthalates during pregnancy derived from cosmetics or plastics that act as hormone disrupters, these hormonally altered the baby, significantly shortening the DAG, especially in males.

The first months of life there is a window of opportunity that influences in a decisive manner in the development of the sexual and reproductive capacity of the baby, a critical time of three to six months in which breastfeeding contributes significantly to counteract the negative effects of exposure to toxic substances during the prenatal stage.

Studies like this reinforce the important role of breastfeeding for society, as well as the many benefits that we know, besides the fertile power capacity of current generations of children.

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