Care during pregnancy: what to do and what not while pregnant

During pregnancy, women suffer multiple physical and psychological changes. Your body changes and this requires modifying certain habits of life. The nutrition and sport are the cornerstones of basic care for this beautiful stage.

care during pregnancy

As for the sport it is not only possible to continue doing it on cinema, but it is highly recommended and beneficial. Logically we must do the exercise to the stage of pregnancy in which we meet but often a common misconception reduce excessive exercise thinking this could harm the fetus.

If you need to discard strong body contact activities or exercises of many jumps, but can do many other aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, swimming, water aerobics, pilates, yoga, etc. Since the lower back suffered a lot in the last months of pregnancy it is also very important that you make strengthening exercises to prevent back pain.

Feeding during pregnancy
Caring for food is the other important point to note. Dispose of your mind the popular belief that you have to “eat for two” and also ruled out making any type of diet, unless under medical prescription.

The best advice in this regard is to follow a diet more balanced as possible. During the first quarter you keep eating the same quantities as before pregnancy, and then increase only about 200 calories per day. The recommended weight gain during pregnancy is between 7 to 14 kilos of weight.

It is true that you must give up certain foods like red meat and raw or smoked fish, sausages, fatty cheeses created from unpasteurized milk (like camembert or brie), as well as caffeine and alcohol.

Other tips: Try more sleep and rest, avoid long remain standing, when you are lying down put your feet up, forget the stress, dispenses with the snuff, don’t take even pain relievers may – if it is not under medical supervision and, most importantly, at all times follow medical recommendations.