Baby Care

Nine tips to prevent child suffocation due to small objects

prevent child suffocation

One of the biggest risks of domestic accidents in babies and children is the risk of suffocation because of what they are so curious that they put everything in their mouths. Precisely, it is in the mouth where they have more developed endings that give them information about the objects (more than their hands), and consequently, to know them, they ...

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Diaper rash: Everything you need to know

diaper rash

One of the biggest concerns of parents when they have a baby is the hygiene of the area that is covered by the diaper, that is, the genitals, the anus and the entire peripheral area. It is a common concern because it is an area that can become irritated to the point of becoming very red and itchy and bothers ...

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How to Treat Mosquito Bites in Children

mosquito bites in children

With the arrival of summer we feel like living outside. Long excursions, walks in the midst of nature and outdoor activities that can turn into a great nightmare. Mosquitoes are one of the great enemies of our children. This type of insects has a special preference for the delicate skin of the smallest of the house. It is normal to ...

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Tips for your baby learn to sleep

baby learn to sleep

With the arrival of the baby life of their parents is disrupted, and in many ways, one of them is when he comes to sleep. Patience, love and more patience will be what are needed, especially in the first months of child life. However, over time the baby will be bigger and learning, also to sleep, as he does to ...

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In what position should sleep a newborn?

newborn to sleep

New mothers often have many doubts about baby care and one of them comes to bedtime to sleep. This moment is certainly very important, and mistakes can be fatal for baby. Many mothers will already have heard of the “crib death” or the “cot death”, and that can happen if the baby sleep in the wrong position. However, you must ...

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What to bring on trips with children and babies

bring on trips with children

Finally come the expected holiday! It seemed far away, but the truth is that time passes so quickly that it’s time to go on vacation, takes responsibility for the time and the suitcase is not yet prepared. But before a family trip it is advisable to know precisely what is necessary to bring in the luggage. If prepare the suitcase ...

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Baby care in winter: Bath and sleep

baby care in winter

In winter, due to the cold weather special care will require for our baby. At this time the flu and colds are very common, so we have to take extra precautions when bathing and sleeping. Here we left some tips for you to follow, so that your small will be healthier than ever: The bath time should be pleasant for ...

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Myths about baby care

baby myths

When you’re a new mother is normal to feel fear when it comes to care for the baby. Everyone wants to give advice and ideas, mainly of family and friends who have already lived the experience. But the reality is that there are many myths that arise about the care of the kids. Then we mention the main myths that ...

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How to calm a crying baby?

calm crying baby

A baby can be endearing, but sometimes cries and cries and no human way of to reassurance it. This is mainly because it has not been given to the origin of the “claim” in small, since his crying may be due numerous and varied reasons. It is important to locate that is what he wants, in order to offer you ...

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