Baby Care

Steps to follow for a baby to sleep

teach baby to sleep

If you are a mother you should know how difficult it can be to sleep a baby, and the difficulty increases as they grow. There are all kinds of babies, from assets that do not want to stop playing, even those who are sensitive to noise. To get to sleep, you must work to have their created sleep routine. The ...

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Why babies have hiccups?

baby hiccups

The hiccup is a common phenomenon in the baby does not cause discomfort or disorder to the newborn but new parents often scared the first few times their baby experiencing thinking that it can cause discomfort. The hiccups on the baby suddenly appear and vanish in the same way. In addition, it decreases frequency as the baby grows. Why babies ...

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How to correct flat feet

correct flat feet

Having flat feet is one of the most common ailments among the child population. It consists in the absence of the normal arch of the foot of the child. So, instead of supporting only the tip, the heel and the outer edge of the foot, supporting children walk soles of the foot on the floor. The babies are born with ...

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Baby massage: The best way to relax your child

baby massage

Although it does not manifest in the same way that adults do, the babies also suffer stress or nervous. The best way to prevent your child is restless is to calm with a gentle and soothing massage. It’s simple. With a little guidance you can give your baby a massage at home, without needing to consult specialized center, from the ...

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How many hours should a baby sleep?

how long baby sleep

Sleep is essential to regain the strength to face another day. We know that both babies and children need more sleep than adults, but how many more? The hours of sleep in infants and children depend on their age and personal needs, because as happens in adults, not all children are equal. A newborn baby sleeps between 16-20 hours every ...

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Five tips for caring of the newborn’s skin

newborn skin care

The newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive. Unlike the skin of adults, babies do not have enough defenses to deal with external aggression. Being so vulnerable, her delicate skin needs special care, so we give you five tips to keep in mind to care for newborn skin. Bathroom: short or parts cleaning During the first weeks of life, you must bathe ...

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The best way to clean the baby’s ear wax

clean babys ear wax

One of the most common questions for new parents is relative to the care of the ears. Is it clean? Should we do something with them? Perhaps cleaned with cotton buds? Perhaps with some spray? Because of course, the baby’s ear wax is dropping and that worries many mothers who see wax on the outside and inside will think much ...

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How to change a diaper

change diapers

If you are new parents, get ready, because changing diapers is an art that can only be learned through practice. At first you will be missing hands, but then surely you can do even with closed eyes. This is how you change the diaper your baby step by step: Keep everything at hand. Before placing the baby on the changing ...

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Tips for new parents

new parents

Your baby has been born and overwhelms you happiness … but also doubts about how to react and look at the newcomer. We offer a small survival guide for new parents. Mistakes to avoid in the first months of baby Becoming parents is one of the most challenging tasks in the world and the first months are undoubtedly the hardest. ...

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