Baby Feeding

How do I give fish to my child?

fish for child

It is well known that fish is a very rich food at a nutritional level. In addition to containing proteins with a high biological value, it also provides essential nutrients such as iodine or selenium and vitamins A, D or B12, among other interesting nutrients such as the healthy fat of blue fish. Surely you know the omega-3 fatty acids ...

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Palm oil for child: Is it dangerous for child health?

palm oil for child

The feeding and even more the feeding of our children and our babies has become an immense battlefield. The parents are constantly bombarded. Commercial interests, marketing strategies and the advancement of our nutrition knowledge are making it extremely difficult to make food choices. For some time now, the focus of attention has been on palm oil. That is why we ...

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Good foods for the brains of children

food for child brain

The good foods for the brain of children are an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet to promote their development and growth. And there are certain foods that, by their composition, are a source of nutrients to ensure the proper functioning of the brain and, therefore, functions such as learning, memory, concentration or language. Did you know that ...

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How to prepare baby’s first meals

babys first meals

From the sixth month of life, the baby can go incorporating their first meals, beyond continuing with breast milk. In this article we share some recommendations on the baby’s first meals, which will mean not only a novelty for them from the nutritional point of view but also a way to strengthen the life and customs in family. In addition ...

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The best foods for your baby

best foods for baby

For your baby to grow strong and healthy it is necessary that take good care of early feeding, since it will depend on their development. The first six months of life, breast milk is their staple food. This is digested faster than formula milk or produced from cow’s milk. If you choose to breast milk, you need to feed your ...

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The first meals of a baby

baby first meals

When the baby meets the 5 or 6 months, it’s time to start including new foods into his diet. This incorporation must do of gradual form to be able to observe any allergy that the baby could suffer and identify the food that has produced it. With the first meals the baby experiences new aromas, flavors and textures, so it ...

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