Breast Feeding

Uses of an Electric Bottle Steriliser

electric bottle steriliser

When considering the needs and responsibilities of their children there are no lengths to which a parent wouldn’t go to make sure that the needs of their children are being fulfilled to the utmost of perfection, the bond between a parent and a children is eternal and part of that reason other than that they bring us into this world ...

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Extraction and preservation of breast milk

extract milk

It is necessary for all breastfeeding mothers to learn to extract milk because it will be very useful. What do you do with the extracted milk? Where should milk be stored? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breast milk as the sole source of nourishment for the baby during approximately the first 6 months of life. Once you introduce solid ...

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Is it true that breastfeeding causes postpartum hair loss?

postpartum hair loss

There are foods that can promote the appearance of tumors and that diet plays a fundamental role, both in the prevention of cancer and in exposure to an increased risk. What foods can cause cancer? Eating badly violates our health, but sometimes the problem lies in those foods that look healthy but are not that healthy. Pay attention to food ...

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Tips for using the breast pump

using breast pump

Breastfeeding your baby is an intimate, very warm and beautiful act. This entire environment is involved in the output of milk, which is influenced by hormones closely related to the emotional. That is why using something that reminds us of our baby when we use the breast pump is one of the tips that you can implement to do milk ...

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The importance of breastfeeding during the first months

successful breastfeeding

Over the past several years, the first week of August – from 1 to 7 – held in more than 120 countries world breastfeeding week: this year with the theme “Breastfeeding: A Key to Sustainable Development”, an opportunity to create a greater awareness of the importance of breastfeeding in the first months of life. Breast milk not only provides the ...

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Pain during breastfeeding: What to do

pain during breastfeeding

Although breastfeeding is the most natural, it can also be synonymous with discomfort and chest pain for the mother. What to do? It’s not a banal question, but on the contrary, especially in the case of mothers. Yes it should be noted that, in the same way that is more frequent than we thought disorder, in the majority of cases ...

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Breastfeeding or artificial feeding?

artificial feeding

Many new mothers are faced the question of feeding their baby with breast milk or artificial feeding. No doubt that maternal breastfeeding is the best food for the baby, but the truth is that many women can not breastfeed, and this need not be a problem for the development of their child. The truth is that women need not feel ...

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Breast milk makes babies smarter

breast milk to baby

Breastfeeding raises children’s IQs and improves their academic performance. That means that mothers who breastfeed their babies can expect them to be smarter than babies who did not have the same opportunity. This was the conclusion arrived investigators further study was already done on the subject, conducted by experts from Canada McGill University, Montreal. The team followed up to 13,889 ...

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In the second pregnancy breastfeeding is easier

second pregnancy breastfeeding

From the second pregnancy a woman is easier to produce milk with which to feed her baby, thanks to the mammary gland is prepared to respond to the hormonal disturbances that precede the gestation, as has discovered a group scientists from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) in New York (USA). During pregnancy exceptional changes in the breast secretion of certain ...

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Problems during breastfeeding

breastfeeding problem

Breastfeeding is the way most recommendable and healthy to feed a newborn baby during the first months of life and even during the first two or three years. But breastfeeding is not always easy. Often, the lack of information in practice by the baby and mother and even misunderstanding and little or no environmental support causes problems that can jeopardize ...

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