Child Behavior

10 signs that your child is addicted to video games

video game addiction

Kids like video games and its fun to be safe without having to burn energies of any kind. Parents should ask whether their children are enjoying normal and healthy development or are really struggling with their children’s video game addiction. It is necessary to know that between 3 and 10% of the players to video games become addicted to them. ...

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What to do with a sleepwalking child

sleepwalking child

Do you have a sleepwalking child? The Sleepwalking is a disorder of sleep that is to do things while you are asleep, so much to talk or go out. It is a common disorder in children than in adults, although it should be noted that it occurs in very different degrees. Today we tell you what it is and what ...

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Does your child have anxiety?

child anxiety

Although always relate to the anxiety as a problem of adults derived from daily stress, the truth is that many children suffer from the same disorder. In fact, statistics indicate that between 6% and 20% of children and adolescents aged 9-17 years will also suffer anxiety. The child medical experts indicate that approximately 10% of children aged 7-11 years going ...

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Childhood nightmares

childhood nightmares

The childhood nightmares are horrible dreams affecting smaller overnight. They are frequent at the end of the night during the REM sleep when the brain has a significant level of activity. The childhood nightmares are useful for smaller, in the psychological development, it helps them release tension and conflict mechanism. The nightmares are used to evacuate circumstances are concerned such ...

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Why does my child sucks his thumb?

child sucks thumb

The suction is a reflection that the newborn has even before his arrival in the world; scans show that the fetuses of 13-14 weeks already suck his tiny fingers. Even it is seen some babies at birth, a small blister on hand due to the suction maintained inside the uterus. The act of sucking not only for the baby a ...

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How to apply punishments to children

apply punishments

The punishment of parents, by violent physical or verbal, are for the child a model of aggressive behavior. If the child lives surrounded by this model, you will be acquiring the habit of aggressively responding to conflict situations. When the parents punished through physical or verbal abuse are converted to the child in models of aggressive behavior. How to apply ...

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What is the best alternative to punishment?

best alternative to punishment

One way to transmit discipline children is through rewards and punishments are the methods in which the majority of today’s parents were educated and most frequently used in order to achieve good behavior. However, methods based on rewards and punishments are not exempt from numerous disadvantages. In this article we will discuss an alternative method of behavior modification, the method ...

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