Child Birth

Your baby and you

your baby

When the time comes for you and your partner to have a baby, the hope is often that this will occur naturally. Often, however, this might not go according to plan and intervention of some sort is going to be required. This can come in various forms, and require research and money to undertake. But at the end of the ...

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Keys to visiting a newborn

visiting a newborn

When a family gives birth to a baby, be it among friends or relatives, it is normal for us to have a huge desire to know what the baby is like. They want to know how the delivery was and to know the baby’s face. The birth of a baby is not only a special event for parents, but also ...

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Quick guide for child birth planning

child birth planning

Bringing a child into the world is one of the most incredible experiences you can ever have. A man and a woman coming together to create a new life is something that cannot really be described and which needs to be experienced. Done right, it is amazing, but it is something that can end up badly or not living up ...

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The birth of a sibling

birth sibling

The arrival of a new baby is a time of joy and big changes for dads. However, the fact that the newborn focus all the attention, care and affection of all, can make the big brother experience jealousy towards the baby and feel displaced. To avoid this situation, it is important to prepare your child for the arrival of their ...

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The short women have fewer problems in childbirth

short women problems in childbirth

Tell me how you are and I will tell you how your birth … At least we can get an idea, but then the time of delivery depends on many other factors. For example, if you are short, it’s natural that your baby is born with a small head, which can be guaranteed (in principle) a birth with fewer complications. ...

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