Child Development

Benefits of Music Education for Children

music education for children

Whether a child shows some actual musical talent, or is just one of those kids that will only hold their performances in the shower, there is no doubt that music education has some interesting benefits for children. Here is a comprehensive list of the benefits that your child can reap from having even basic music education. It’s not just about ...

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Treatment for a child who wets in the bed

prevent bedwetting

With time most children stop bedwetting without treatment, but if help is needed health professional will first determine that there is a physical cause for the problem and then decide on the most appropriate approach. Some children may take longer to acquire the ability to control the bladder. It is rare that bedwetting is a result of a medical problem. ...

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What are the benefits of baby swimming?

baby swimming

The baby swimming is a highly recommended both by psychologists as by educationists. Surprisingly, the newborns are fully prepared to engage in water activity that brings countless benefits in physical, intellectual and emotional development of the baby: A baby can not walk, but if you put him in the water has the ability to move more freely, which gives the ...

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How to help your child overcome shyness

childhood shyness

In the society in which we live we tend to classify children with certain labels as “shy/reserved”, “social/spontaneous”. No doubt, the majority of parents would like his son to be the first to greet people, ask questions, sing and dance without shame… And often, shy children are put in evidence by their parents, who even try to apologize for the ...

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How to help the hyperactive child

hyperactive child

Many times have you thought that your child is too restless for his age, he is disobedient, never listen to you, not aware of what you say, he will not remain still for a second and always changing activity without finishing what he start. In addition, school teachers will have confirmed the same discomfort with the added difficulty relating to ...

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How and when to remove the pacifier

when remove pacifier

The pacifier is one of those objects that accompany most of the children during the early part of his childhood. The sucking reflex is present in babies even before birth, and it has already been able to determine through ultrasound that the fetus begins to sucking your fingers between week 13 and week 14 of pregnancy. And it is that ...

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Six errors in communication with our teenage children

communication with teenager

In the relationship between parents and children, the key is dialogue. Talk about a problem is to have already half solved. Trying to educate without fostering the dialogue is like trying to build a house without a secure foundation. What did we do wrong? This is often the question that many parents are asking. They feel like failures because they ...

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