Child Education

School Uniform and Sexism: What’s the Relationship?

school uniform

The relation between school uniform and sexism makes visible a norm that through the imposition of the clothes reproduces sexist stereotypes. Just as gender stereotypes have been removed from textbooks or children’s literature: why not to change the discussion of unique school uniforms? Boys pants and girls skirt, a rule considered sexist because it restricts the freedom of girls to ...

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How to Create a Home Library for Children

home Library for children

Home libraries are not just for fanatical readers. Everyone can benefit from having a library at home, especially parents with school-aged children. Now, when most people think of home libraries, they think of massive libraries of old English mansions. Sure, if you have the money, you can build a library like that. However, you can still build a budget-sized library ...

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How to get kids to do homework

kids to do homework

For many kids, homework at home becomes a real tragedy that ultimately undermines the emotional stability of the family. Parents have in their hands the possibility to avoid, establishing routines and guidelines that encourage the child to do their homework without too much trouble. We give you some tricks to make your children feel to do his homework on his ...

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Benefits of Music Education for Children

music education for children

Whether a child shows some actual musical talent, or is just one of those kids that will only hold their performances in the shower, there is no doubt that music education has some interesting benefits for children. Here is a comprehensive list of the benefits that your child can reap from having even basic music education. It’s not just about ...

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