Child Nutrition

How do I give fish to my child?

fish for child

It is well known that fish is a very rich food at a nutritional level. In addition to containing proteins with a high biological value, it also provides essential nutrients such as iodine or selenium and vitamins A, D or B12, among other interesting nutrients such as the healthy fat of blue fish. Surely you know the omega-3 fatty acids ...

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Good foods for the brains of children

food for child brain

The good foods for the brain of children are an essential part of a healthy and balanced diet to promote their development and growth. And there are certain foods that, by their composition, are a source of nutrients to ensure the proper functioning of the brain and, therefore, functions such as learning, memory, concentration or language. Did you know that ...

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How to prepare baby’s first meals

babys first meals

From the sixth month of life, the baby can go incorporating their first meals, beyond continuing with breast milk. In this article we share some recommendations on the baby’s first meals, which will mean not only a novelty for them from the nutritional point of view but also a way to strengthen the life and customs in family. In addition ...

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Quick dinners for children, ready in 15 minutes!

quick dinners for children

Having children can be exhausting, and more when both work and have to do all the housework. For those days that do not give us time to prepare big deal, here we will give you some quick dinner recipes, nutritious and delicious. In less than 30 minutes you’ll have dishes that can participate all members of the family at the ...

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Teach children to eat

teach children to eat

Do your children already know how to eat? Nutritionists point out that they may be needed up to 10 attempts for the palates of kids accept new flavors. Often, children will not eat vegetables or fish. Parents try to cook them in such a way that it impress them and eat it, but sometimes, this way we do not even ...

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How to care for children diet in summer

children diet in summer

The diet of the children is very important to care. Summer is the time when most enjoy the ‘sin’ as the holidays arrive and can go to the beach and pool. But this season can become a headache for parents and their care and feeding is more complicated. That is why parents should follow with the food that children remain ...

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Ideas for a child’s healthy birthday party

child's healthy birthday party

The children’s birthday parties usually contain an overdose of calories and unhealthy sugars for children. Adults are often eager to please, which bombed them to sweets, chocolates, crisps, soft drinks and bakery products. With these attitudes we are doing a disservice to our kids since, on the one hand, they feed poorly, but on the other hand, when they reach ...

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Fruits and vegetables should be well washed for babies

well washed fruits

The key to a good infant feeding is the hygiene of the food. Often children and babies have diseases and immune problems because parents do not properly care for the cleanliness of food. Tips for thorough washing of food for babies Wash foods just before eating them. Wash before storing can damage them more quickly. Rinsed well and rub the ...

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How should be a child snack?

child snack

The snack is a necessary so that the child confronts strongly the evenings after an exhausting day of school; and that the kids need to eat more often than us to maintain constant his energy reserves. But, what should to put for a snack? It is what many parents wonder … Here some ideas to prepare a tasty and healthy ...

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