Child Teeth

Caring for baby’s first teeth

caring baby teeth

Prolonged use of pacifiers and baby bottle and permanent consumption of juices, or improper hygiene during the first months of your baby can trigger many problems in their oral development. Take care of the first baby teeth, known as milk teeth; avoid many problems in its permanent dentition. The formation and hygiene of the baby teeth From the first weeks ...

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Why should you care baby oral health

care baby oral health

Even if a baby does not have teeth, it is very important to look after their oral health. Thus they may prevent bacteria associated with caries and other oral infections that are present in saliva. So oral hygiene is the point to be taken into account from the start, as well as take care of the oral cavity, not too ...

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The dental health of babies

babies dental health

In most babies, the milk teeth will start to grow between 6-12 months old, and since then they are at risk of tooth decay, which can cause pain and other infections. Here are some tips to protect the teeth of the baby: Cavities are invisible at the beginning Dentists agree that sweet liquids that stick to the teeth of a ...

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Gingivitis and pyorrhea, the enemy of the gums

enemy of the gums

Take care of teeth and gums is as important as caring heart or any part of the body. Whether to stay in shape we have to practice exercise, to have healthy teeth we must perform an easier sport, brush our teeth. The gum diseases occur when it become inflamed, leading to damage to the bone that holds our teeth. The ...

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