What to put in your maternity bag for the hospital?

Your baby’s clothes, hygiene products for you, baby bottles, pacifiers… That long list of things to put in your maternity bag, but are you really going to need everything? We tell you what is essential. The time is about to give birth, you probably already have the maternity bag that you are going to take to the hospital for delivery. ...

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Fertility and stress: a bad combination

fertility and stress

Although it is not news that stress affects health in all its forms, and fertility in particular, a new study has concluded that the women under stress are reduced their chances of pregnancy by 40 percent. The work was carried out by the School of Public Health and Information Sciences at the University of Louisville in Kentucky and Emory University ...

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What factors affect fertility?

factors affect fertility

While most people have no trouble to conceive within a year of sex without contraceptive measures, about 15 percent it can have drawbacks. Beyond specific functional issues, there are certain factors or habits that are negative and can affect fertility. The age: As it is already known, especially in the case of women. Fertility is reduced over the years. The ...

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Why nausea occur in pregnancy?

nausea in pregnancy

If you have been or are in “sweet wait” you know what the nausea is during the pregnancy. Sure you’ve tried all kinds of inducements to combat it … But, do you know why it occurs? The main responsible for this little pleasant sensation seems to be gonadotropin hormone, whose level increases significantly during the first trimester of pregnancy. According ...

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Signs that indicate that you are pregnant

sign of possible pregnancy

Would you like to become pregnant? Are you in search of a baby? In this article, share the signals that could be warning of a pregnancy, from the least to the most obvious. While it depends on each woman, most of the women do not begin to feel the symptoms of being pregnant until the fourth to sixth week of ...

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Products that you should avoid while pregnant

avoid while pregnant

If you are pregnant you should know that you should avoid some foods and products that can cause complications and harm the baby. That is why we want to tell you what to avoid or eat in less proportion to reach a happy ending. Next it takes note, this way you will take care your baby. Soft Drinks: Soft drinks ...

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Bleeding during pregnancy: Causes and steps

bleeding during pregnancy

Considering that the cause of menstruation is precisely that the egg is not fertilized and therefore does not occur in pregnancy, is able to state that during pregnancy, by its very nature, it is impossible to produce the menstruation. However, there are other women who experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. The nature and causes of such bleeding can be several, ...

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Take care with the childbearing of the diabetic pregnant woman

diabetic pregnant woman

Diabetic women pregnancy can easily reach the nine months of pregnancy, provided that there is a good control of diabetes without vascular or obstetric complications in the mother, and if the health of the fetus is good. However, many medical centers often still further the delivery from the 38 week of gestation. In the case of diabetic women with renal ...

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What is a cesarean section?

cesarean section

A cesarean section is a surgical procedure that replaces the natural childbirth, in which the baby is removed through an incision in the mother’s womb. At present 20% of babies are born by caesarean section. The cesarean section may be scheduled or emergency, in the first case is when in advance are aware of the problem before the natural childbirth ...

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What is amniocentesis?


Amniocentesis is a test that is performed during pregnancy to certain women that is the removal of amniotic fluid in order to be analyzed and detecting possible chromosomal abnormalities that cause diseases related to the sex of the baby, the risk of trisomy 21, hereditary illnesses or malformations of the nervous system. In the test that does not last more ...

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