What is a cesarean section?

cesarean section

A cesarean section is a surgical procedure that replaces the natural childbirth, in which the baby is removed through an incision in the mother’s womb. At present 20% of babies are born by caesarean section. The cesarean section may be scheduled or emergency, in the first case is when in advance are aware of the problem before the natural childbirth ...

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What is amniocentesis?


Amniocentesis is a test that is performed during pregnancy to certain women that is the removal of amniotic fluid in order to be analyzed and detecting possible chromosomal abnormalities that cause diseases related to the sex of the baby, the risk of trisomy 21, hereditary illnesses or malformations of the nervous system. In the test that does not last more ...

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What is an ectopic pregnancy?

ectopic pregnancy

The ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg develops outside the uterus. While it is not likely to happen, this type of pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the woman who has it. The symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are pain in the abdomen and shoulders, vaginal bleeding, nausea and dizziness. Some of these symptoms are normal during pregnancy, but if ...

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What is a doula?


A doula is a woman with experience in the subject of motherhood without specific training, which provides physical and emotional support to women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. The main mission of a doula is to give women a positive information of the process that awaits since become pregnant and it is especially useful for new mothers. Traditionally this function ...

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Preterm birth: an evil increasingly frequent

premature births

We do not know for certain why but increasingly more premature births occur. 15% of the newborns around the world are today premature; a figure that decade ago was much lower. The babies complete gestation in the nine-month period marked by nature. When this time is reduced, the chances of vulnerability of babies increase exponentially. It is considered premature or ...

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