The magic hour of baby bath

safety baby bath

Bath time is essential for the welfare of the baby. He plays with water and with parents, enjoying the moment. With some practice, this moment will become one of the most endearing. We will make the bathroom a desired time slowly, if we speak to him calmly, we rock him in the water and let him hold in our hands. ...

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Why do the babies cry?

why baby crying

The babies cry inevitably; it is the way they communicate their emotions. For parents it can be difficult to interpret these cries, and if it occurs continuously, it can reach even to despair them. Here is a list of the most common reasons why a baby crying: The crying may indicate that your baby is hungry. See if he puts ...

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How to find the perfect nanny

find perfect nanny

Caring for children is a priority in all families, but the labor market forces us to leave our children in the care of others. In many cases, they are grandparents responsible for caring for children, but when that is not possible, we find the difficult decision to find a nanny, in many cases, an unknown, and that is something that ...

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Hold the baby so that he should not be startled

hold baby

We should hold the baby gently, without sudden changes of position. It is simple, let’s see some tips. Always provides good support for the head and shoulders of the baby. Remember that his head is very heavy compared to the rest of the body and his muscles cannot sustain it. We have around his head and shoulders (with the forearm, ...

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The best way to clean the baby’s ear wax

clean babys ear wax

One of the most common questions for new parents is relative to the care of the ears. Is it clean? Should we do something with them? Perhaps cleaned with cotton buds? Perhaps with some spray? Because of course, the baby’s ear wax is dropping and that worries many mothers who see wax on the outside and inside will think much ...

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