Pregnancy Tips

Fatigue in pregnancy: Causes and remedies

fatigue in pregnancy

Fatigue in pregnancy is one of the most common discomforts associated with pregnancy. And in fact, fatigue is a symptom that indicates that pregnancy runs its course without problems. Fatigue varies in different stages of pregnancy, from the first trimester to the third, and is usually more pronounced in the first weeks, accompanied by a greater need to sleep, because ...

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Ethical Gift Ideas For Your Pregnant Friends

pregnancy gift

If you’re trying to live a more ethical, eco-friendly lifestyle as part of your resolutions for 2018, why not incorporate this new ethos into your gifting, too? When your close friends get pregnant and lots of gorgeous new babies are on the way, this is the perfect opportunity to splash out on beautiful baby and mom-to-be gifts that are just ...

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What To Do In The First Trimester Of Pregnancy

first trimester of pregnancy

The first trimester of any pregnancy can be a strange time. You don’t look pregnant yet to the outside world, but the feeling is certainly there. For many mums-to-be this is a tough trimester, packed with mood swings, nausea, and bloating that doesn’t quite look like a baby bump yet. If you’re heading into early pregnancy and don’t know how ...

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What babies learn during pregnancy

babies learn during pregnancy

Do you know the things that your baby can learn during pregnancy? To know and differentiate flavors, develop the sense of touch… We tell you everything below. What babies learn during pregnancy Surely you have heard that babies during gestation can hear and recognize the voice of mother and father, but: do you know what more things babies learn during ...

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Pregnancy: Tips for better sleep during the last quarter

sleep better during last quarter

Sleep well during pregnancy can be difficult to achieve, especially in the last quarter, in which the abdomen is an impediment for an ideal sleep, often being difficult to find a comfortable position. However, it is essential to rest well to deal with forces childbirth and the postpartum period. On this occasion, we have some tips to fall asleep and ...

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What is the alpha-fetoprotein test?

alpha-fetoprotein test

An alpha-fetoprotein (or AFP) test is a non-invasive prenatal blood test given to pregnant women in order to find out if the baby is at risk of having a number of medical problems. It is perhaps best known as a non-invasive Down syndrome test. As is the case for most non-invasive prenatal genetic testing, a positive alpha fetoprotein test does ...

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What to eat and what not to eat when you’re pregnant

food for pregnant women

When you’re pregnant it’s time to look after yourself especially. And it is that if it is always important, during this stage of life is much more. And as you know you have to be careful with certain foods and beverages. Without going any further, the intake of alcohol is completely prohibited. It is something basic but which we cannot ...

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What vitamins are essential during pregnancy?

essential vitamin during pregnancy

While all nutrients are essential during pregnancy, there are certain vitamins that fulfill important roles during pregnancy and that not be neglecting to prevent problems or, even fetal malformations. In principle, you should not forget that during pregnancy no longer be treated only nourish your body but also, and especially, that of your baby. The vitamins are keys to ensure ...

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How to protect yourself from the heat if you are pregnant

pregnant in summer

Falling pregnant is a wonderful, unique experience, but when this happens in summer, with changes in temperature between the inside of a house and the heat of the street, can make it more annoying to the woman. Therefore, you must perform a series of tricks to pass this session as warm and sunny as best as possible. With the heat, ...

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What happens with weight gain during pregnancy?

weight gain during pregnancy

Many women are concerned about weight gain during pregnancy, which is a stage in the life of women in the metabolism works differently. Let’s analyze what happens with weight gain during pregnancy: During pregnancy the regulation of fat and sugar is different because the body tends to build up reserves for breastfeeding. The hormones related to pregnancy favor the appetite, ...

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