Pregnancy Tips

Severe symptoms in pregnancy

symptoms in pregnancy

Every year a million women die of pregnancy-related causes in the middle world. The main causes of maternal death are: abortion (33%), hemorrhage (14%), infections (12%) and hypertension. These same causes can produce the death of the newborn, along with others, such as premature babies. The neonatal mortality (from 0-28 days of life) is responsible for over 60% of infant ...

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How to prevent and correct stretch marks

correct stretch marks

Over 90% of women have stretch marks. Usually it located on the hips, stomach, buttocks and breasts, and it is a common skin problem that arises for women during puberty and during pregnancy. However, though it is a widespread phenomenon, few know how it originate, how it can be prevented and even which treatments can attenuate them. Why stretch marks ...

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What is an ectopic pregnancy?

ectopic pregnancy

The ectopic pregnancy occurs when the fertilized egg develops outside the uterus. While it is not likely to happen, this type of pregnancy is extremely dangerous for the woman who has it. The symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy are pain in the abdomen and shoulders, vaginal bleeding, nausea and dizziness. Some of these symptoms are normal during pregnancy, but if ...

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What to eat during pregnancy?

eat during pregnancy

During the pregnancy it is very important to take care of our eating habits, because what we eat will also be what baby consumes. Although the belief that pregnancy should eat for two is not entirely true, a pregnant woman must increase the food quantity up to approximately 300 additional calories per day – especially in the most advanced stage ...

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Pregnancy: Physical changes that occur in your body

physical changes in pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in the life of a woman. And although meet these nine months of changes ahead with joy be forming a new life and your own family, you probably are not really aware of all the changes that will occur at the physical and emotional level. Therefore it is important to be prepared ...

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Care during pregnancy: what to do and what not while pregnant

care during pregnancy

During pregnancy, women suffer multiple physical and psychological changes. Your body changes and this requires modifying certain habits of life. The nutrition and sport are the cornerstones of basic care for this beautiful stage. As for the sport it is not only possible to continue doing it on cinema, but it is highly recommended and beneficial. Logically we must do ...

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Treatment of diabetes in pregnancy

diabetes in pregnancy

No one better than your diabetologist to define specific guidelines of diabetes care, which will focus on the establishment of adequate food and the implementation of a program of intensive insulin therapy. Since throughout pregnancy insulin requirements vary, it is essential to responsible and active participation of diabetic pregnant women in adjusting insulin doses. Very important and complement is the ...

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Which foods increase sperm quality

foods increase sperm quality

When looking for a baby, most people think of the important role of women in this process. But do not forget that the male plays a very important role and if you do not have a good quality of sperm, the chances of pregnancy fall many integers. Believe it or not, there are a number of foods that can help ...

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Your child in the ninth month of pregnancy

ninth month of pregmancy

Do you already have everything ready? There are only four weeks for the birth of your son! Now it is the best … and the worst: it is very likely experience some pain lower back in recent days, you have heartburn, you will swell slightly ankles, notes that lack of air, and perhaps also appear sleep problems. But the illusion ...

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