Pregnancy Tips

Which foods increase sperm quality

foods increase sperm quality

When looking for a baby, most people think of the important role of women in this process. But do not forget that the male plays a very important role and if you do not have a good quality of sperm, the chances of pregnancy fall many integers. Believe it or not, there are a number of foods that can help ...

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Your child in the ninth month of pregnancy

ninth month of pregmancy

Do you already have everything ready? There are only four weeks for the birth of your son! Now it is the best … and the worst: it is very likely experience some pain lower back in recent days, you have heartburn, you will swell slightly ankles, notes that lack of air, and perhaps also appear sleep problems. But the illusion ...

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High-risk pregnancy, how to avoid complications

high-risk pregnancy

A high-risk pregnancy is one that has a better chance of complications, both from the point of view of the mother and the baby and hence, the previous control during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, must be more comprehensive, avoiding any possible risk. Only 10% of pregnancies are considered high risk, although no unanimous agreement on what should be considered as ...

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How due date is calculated

calculated due date

When you become pregnant once you get to do math to know when your baby is born, what will be the appointed day. Although the percentage of babies who are born the day that marks the calendar is very low, only 5 per cent, to know the probable date of birth will help you to have an indicative date. Since ...

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Menu of healthy foods for pregnant women

healthy foods for pregnant women

Food is always very important, especially in the case of children and pregnant women. Nutritional needs change during pregnancy, and for this reason it is important to follow a diet with recipes especially focused for them. During pregnancy should note that meals should bring reinforcements of folic acid, vitamin C and B12, omega 3 … all in a balanced way ...

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