Tips for Mom

What nobody tells you about having a second child

having a second child

Discover the things no one dares to tell you when you are thinking about having your second child. You have to know it! To many mothers, we love to launch ourselves and look for “couple”, regardless of the sex with which the future child is born. All the comments we hear about it are very positive, like our son will ...

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Tips for using the breast pump

using breast pump

Breastfeeding your baby is an intimate, very warm and beautiful act. This entire environment is involved in the output of milk, which is influenced by hormones closely related to the emotional. That is why using something that reminds us of our baby when we use the breast pump is one of the tips that you can implement to do milk ...

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Working mothers: Tricks to spend time with children

spend time with children

Today there are many mothers who have to combine work with caring for their children. This carries great physical and mental exhaustion, but what we really care about is not spending enough time with our children and who may feel alone during his childhood. We tell you the tricks to spend more time with the children being a working mother. ...

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The Importance of Letting Dad be a Parent Too

dad be a parent

The ‘Mom’ instincts can be traced back to evolutionary origins. As a mother, it is easy for your entire world to be occupied by your baby. This is why, oftentimes, it can be difficult to let other people parent your child. It can even be challenging to let your baby’s father take care of your little one! This can happen ...

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Postpartum: 5 supports for the breasts


Both the period of pregnancy and the postpartum and lactation cause significant changes in the body of women and, specifically, in the breasts. The hormonal changes, stress of the skin by increasing volume can cause unwanted aesthetic effects on the breasts, and this only in the nine month period. So that the changes do not catch us unprepared and to ...

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Tips to recover weight after childbirth

lose weight after childbirth

You have just had the childbearing and even the thrill of your baby is most important, sure you are already thinking about how to get rid of the extra kilos. Like everything else, time, knowledge and perseverance are essential for success. We offer a number of tips to lose weight after childbirth. In principle, you should not forget that during ...

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Useful tips for postpartum

tips for postpartum

After the birth, especially if you’re a new mother, you may have many questions about the recovery process as hygiene and food. That is why we want to give some useful tips that will help you a lot after delivery. So take up your questions noted and resolved. For starters, food is a very important point for this period, especially ...

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Babies and moms: Basic tips for new moms

tips for new moms

On issues of mothers and babies, having a child is always one of the best news we can receive in our lives. Becoming a mother is one of the best things and one of the great dreams fulfilled, although it is also true that since the beginning we learn that we are to become mothers, our life changes completely, which ...

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Why babies have hiccups?

baby hiccups

The hiccup is a common phenomenon in the baby does not cause discomfort or disorder to the newborn but new parents often scared the first few times their baby experiencing thinking that it can cause discomfort. The hiccups on the baby suddenly appear and vanish in the same way. In addition, it decreases frequency as the baby grows. Why babies ...

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