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Co-sleeping: Benefits of sleeping with babies

Sleeping with babies is what is known as co-sleeping. Co-sleeping has many advantages, and although many people criticize this type of parenting, each day it is more widespread in our society.


One of the big advantages is that the baby can feed better overnight. When breastfeeding is to demand the production of milk is regulated, from what the babies if they suck at night, help you have more milk and you’ll get up from one side to another. Breastfeeding during co-sleeping is very simple, just have to bring baby to the breast until he feel satisfied, the mother nor lose so much sleep since being in bed can sleep again without suffering sleepless nights. And as stated above, parents will rest more and baby feel more secure feeling about their parents.

With co-sleeping parents may recover the hours that are away from baby and so may have emotional and physical contact. Sleeping with the baby will make parents share the dream and the moments of affection and intimacy that occur in the bed.

Also babies who sleep with their parents cry less because they will feel mint of his parents and these will be treated in the shortest possible time, which will make them feel safe and unafraid. The co-sleeping also creates the sleep habits because babies will fall asleep sucking and interact with the pleasure to sleep.

Co-sleeping should be practiced naturally and both parents must agree to do so. It should never be as a last resort since it will not bring any benefit or the expected results.

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