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Crawling Benefits: Reasons to Let Your Baby Crawl

There are those who think that crawling is something that children should not do, because it hurt their knees, because they get dirty if they do it on the street and because it is better to walk.

A very common mistake that science has denied with a scientific study since crawling helps the physical and psychological development of babies, so it is very important to leave them free to do so and even encourage them to do so. We tell you all about the benefits of crawling and the reasons to let your baby do it.

importance of crawling

Benefits of Crawling

A few centuries ago, it was believed that the legs of babies had to be hold with a kind of bandage, to prevent them from crawling on all four legs like animals do.

Today is an idea that is already banished, however, stills many parents and grandparents who think that it is better to walk directly and put aside the stage of crawling. Here are the reasons why you should encourage your baby to crawl.

Natural development

On the importance of crawling thus allowing children to grow and develop in a natural way. Putting them on a walker, when they are babies and begin to move on their own, is a very common mistake.

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The ideal is to allow the baby to move freely on the ground, so that in this way he begins to crawl and explore his environment. Using walkers at this early age can be detrimental since your legs are not yet ready to support the full weight.

What’s more, experts advise encouraging children to put toys at a short distance, so they can move to reach them.

Brain development

The crawling does the two cerebral hemispheres to connect, achieving greater cognitive and sensory development. Recent research has shown that crawling babies have a greater predisposition to math and science.

Cross pattern

By means of crawling the cross pattern is developed, which is the one that allows the equilibrium function to be stimulated correctly. It also benefits the position of the spine making it grow straight and strengthened.

The focus of the eyes

Studies state that neither more nor less than 98% of children with a vision problem who did not crawl, or did not do so in the right measure.

The crawling child focuses the eyes on a specific point which improves the muscular development and at the same time learns to focus both eyes at a distance of about 30-40 cm.

Leaving the child free to crawl, it means letting him know and explore the world around him. Perceiving the environment, knowing what they like and what not and allow that relate to the objects is something basic for their growth.

Lateralization of the brain

Crawling helps to establish lateralization of the brain that occurs more or less at the age of 5-6, when one of the hemispheres becomes dominant. Something very importance for their development.

Development of vestibular system

Through the crawling, the baby develops the vestibular system and proprioceptive system. Both allow knowing where the parts of body are.

As you can see, crawling is something natural in babies that have numerous advantages for their cognitive, physical and sensory development.

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