Entertainment ideas for special needs children

Parenting is not an easy task. As much as it is expected to come naturally to you, the reality is that in the modern era there are so many options and angles on what to do; so many opinions from so many people. It is really hard to know what to do. It is even harder if you are parenting a special needs child. You will be receiving advice from all quarters, all of it well intentioned, but not all of it workable for you and your child. What then is the way to go from a play and developmental angle. Here are a few thoughts that you might want to consider.

special needs children

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Special toys for special needs

It probably goes without saying but special needs children have their own subtly different set of requirements. Like all children they want to play, or they want love and attention, it is just that they need to do it is a slightly different way. For example, a toy that works for a non-Autistic child might be completely useless for a child on the spectrum. Tailor made toys are available and can be found online by searching for something like ‘sensory toys Australia‘. The range of specially designed products is vast, and you can order the right things that will allow you child to develop and grow while playing. They won’t even know what is going on.

Mobiles are important

Regardless of whether or not your child is special needs, mobiles are an important part of early childhood development. This was something established by the psychologist Piaget and which is taught to first year psychology students around the world. They stimulate the mind and help with an array of developmental areas. Make sure that your child has one, the benefits will be there to see as they get older.

Beware of traps

In the modern area where there is so much television, convenience parenting can be a very easy trap to fall into. Don’t! The idea of plonking your child in front of the television is such an attractive one, especially when you are tired and weary after a long day. But children and television are not a good combination, especially when done in excess. They can quickly become addicted and can get very unreasonable when not allowed to watch. Television also takes away from the very important skill of knowing how to entertain yourself. Any child, given the option of playing a made-up game or watching television will almost certainly opt for the latter.

Animals are awesome

Children and pets are a great combination, especially children with special needs. An animal is a great receptacle for the love and affection that your child might want to show. They are friendly and cuddly, and children can spend hours playing with them. If you don’t want to get a pet, then just make sure that your child is exposed to animals. Horses, for example, are often used for therapy. Find out where your child can go for riding lessons, or even just create the opportunity for them to sit on horseback. It’s almost guaranteed that they will want to go back for more.