Ethical Gift Ideas For Your Pregnant Friends

If you’re trying to live a more ethical, eco-friendly lifestyle as part of your resolutions for 2018, why not incorporate this new ethos into your gifting, too? When your close friends get pregnant and lots of gorgeous new babies are on the way, this is the perfect opportunity to splash out on beautiful baby and mom-to-be gifts that are just as kind to the earth as they are to your friend and her family. Use this guide to help you find the ideal gift to bring to your next baby shower.

pregnancy gift

1. Organic bedding for babies:

Bedding has become a controversial topic in recent years, with many moms-to-be becoming anxious about choosing materials or cot set-ups that may not be safe for their precious little one. Make sure your friend is totally at ease with her baby’s bedding by getting her an eco-friendly organic cotton baby bedding set from an ethical company like Lazybones Australia. Not only are these sheets soft and beautiful, they’re also in keeping with Fair Trade standards, organic, eco-friendly, and completely safe for a new baby’s delicate skin.

2. Cloth nappies:

It may seem old fashioned, but switching over from disposable nappies to the cloth alternative is fast becoming a fashionable and eco-conscious way to deal with the messier side of the baby years. Cloth nappies come in a range of cute and creative patterns and designs, are completely reusable, and are also far more economically sensible than buying countless packs of normal nappies that will only end up in a landfill. Your friend may love to have an alternative option that’s healthier for the earth and her wallet.

3. Organic massage oils:

There’s nothing a tired, pregnant mama needs more than a good massage. You could always gift her with a much-needed voucher to the local salon for a pregnancy massage, but a big bottle of high quality organic massage oil will go a lot further. Choose oil mixtures with soothing, relaxing fragrances like lavender, as well as oils like vitamin E and jojoba that soothe the skin and protect against the stretch marks, itchiness, and irritation that are so common as that baby bump grows.

4. Eco-friendly baby clothes:

It’s always fun to open adorable tiny baby clothes at a baby shower. If you’re going to go shopping for some cute outfits for the new baby, try sourcing babygros and clothes that are made from sustainable materials that won’t damage the earth. Choose organic cotton that’s free from toxic dyes, and shop from businesses that source their materials locally to reduce the carbon footprint of your gift.

5. Bath soaks and salts:

If your pregnant friend needs some time to rest and relax, a good soak in a hot tub packed full of nourishing oils and mineral salts will be just the thing to revitalise her body and spirit. There are plenty of cruelty-free brands available today that create products with sustainably sourced ingredients, so do your shopping wisely and research the brands first. Bath products that contain Epsom salts are always a great choice for sore legs and feet – their natural magnesium content draws out toxins and relieves aches and pains without involving any toxins or environmentally unsafe products in the process.