Fever in children from 0 to 3 years

During growth many children have fever, which can come from various health problems. The only way to know the temperature of the child really is by placing the thermometer into the rectum. The amount of fever is not always related to the severity of the disease. The lower temperatures of 39.5ยบ are very well tolerated by the child.

fever in children

All children get ill sooner or later and although it hurts us the soul see them therefore we can not prevent it. The fever is a very clear symptom of:

  • Any infection in children can cause fever. For example, having strep throat or may even urine infection, give high decimals.
  • Vaccinations can cause fever.
  • Some non-infectious diseases and other chronic diseases can cause fever.
  • When leave the teeth also can appear a few tenths of fever.

To reduce fever, often we recommend giving water to be hydrated and keep in a cool environment. Our little bathing in warm water is very good to lose a few tenths or soak him with half cold water wipes. If despite these steps has a high fever, he have to take medication to reduce fever.

It is advisable to take the doctor, as soon as possible, to our son so that the specialist assesses his situation. Fever may be a symptom of a serious disease such as leukemia. Therefore, the pediatrician should evaluate his symptoms.

It is advisable for a pediatrician to see it if he has fever often or very high tenths; it could be a symptom of severe illness. When they are very young children should be very alert to his symptoms.

Stay alert to the symptoms of your child! It is common to have a fever when they are so small, and it is important to be alert for symptoms to heal in time.