Find a Safe, Weather-Resistant Trampoline for your Kids

When the heat of summer starts to rise, it’s time to start thinking about having fun and enjoying time with the family outside. There are lots of great things that you one can do with the kids to have safe, healthy and economical summer fun, and one of the best is a trampoline. Of course it’s important to buy a trampoline that is safe, that fits your family’s budget and that will last for many years of fun. Choosing a safe, weather-resistant trampoline is a great first step to ensuring that you will not only have fun this season but for many more.


When choosing a trampoline one of the first things that you need to consider is the frame. Most traditional trampolines use a frame system that surrounds the jumping surface. While using padding is a good idea to help prevent contact with the steel framework, it’s not an ideal solution — and does not prevent injury. Instead, a better choice is to purchase a trampoline that uses a hidden frame system which places the framework underneath the jumping surface to eliminate the chance of accidental contact during usage. Composite, UV-resistant materials mean that the trampoline can withstand the elements and that means not only more safety, but also more convenience and longer usable life.

Another option to look for is a trampoline which does not use traditional springs to attach the frame to the jumping surface. One trampoline company has removed springs from their design all together and along with a hidden frame and a patented FlexiNet enclosure, has eliminated 90% of product-related injury.

Generally top Trampoline company uses soft flexible composite rods (that are nevertheless stronger than steel) instead of springs to provide bounce. These rods are placed under the jumping surface and as such prevent all contact between the rods and the jumper. These rods, like the frame can withstand greater tolerance of heat, cold, wind and harsh weather such as rain and even light snow without degradation of the materials. This helps to reduce the risk of injury and make for a safer and more fun experience. There are many trampoline companies today to peruse the catalogue and see the best Springfree Trampoline models available in your area.

It is also best to choose a trampoline that is manufactured by a company that has been recognized and has won industry awards. The US Family Choice Award, the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award, as well as the International Design Award have all been bestowed upon Springfree Trampoline for its innovations in safety. These awards and recognition mean that the trampoline has been tested and found to be a great choice for families with children, and also are a good buy in terms of quality and economy.

Summer is a great time to go out to the yard and have fun with a new trampoline, but it’s imperative that safety and quality be of the utmost concern, especially when it comes to children using the trampoline. Choosing a model that will hold up not only to the elements but also provide many seasons of safe, injury-free fun is key.