Five tips for caring of the newborn’s skin

The newborn’s skin is extremely sensitive. Unlike the skin of adults, babies do not have enough defenses to deal with external aggression. Being so vulnerable, her delicate skin needs special care, so we give you five tips to keep in mind to care for newborn skin.

newborn skin care

Bathroom: short or parts cleaning

During the first weeks of life, you must bathe the baby up to 2 or 3 times a week for no more than five minutes. You should use a mild soap liquid having a pH of 4 to 4’5. These are soaps that do not do much foam, are thus, you do not need to use more.

The best practice as the baby still has the umbilical cord is making cleaning parts, which is known as cat washing. It consists of a fast wash with sponge and warm water.

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If you’re going to give her a full bathroom, it has to be quick and drying the umbilical cord area very well to prevent her fall softens and slows down.

Skin well hydrated always

The baby skin is thinner than that of adults has fewer layers that protect and cells that form are more separate. This causes more water is absorbed and waste, and influences its barrier system and its elasticity.

Therefore, it moisturizes baby’s skin once or twice a day. It is preferable to do it several times with little product that apply large amount rarely.

It is best to give the cream after bath accompanied by a gentle massage. This will also help the baby relax and to relieve infant colic. Products must be emollients or specific oils to the skin of the newborn.

Protect the baby’s skin from sun

The skin of the smallest has few melanocytes to protect, so the recommendation is to avoid sun exposure for children before the age of six months.

Do not put sunscreen to infants before six months hence, protection should be total, that is, keep the baby in the shade in the middle of the day, go for a walk with canopy or umbrella stroller and if she is in arms or in a carrier, to prevent him from direct sunlight.

From six months and will be applied sun cream or emulsion with a factor 50 protection, but also we must avoid exposing the baby in the most intense hours of sunshine.

The skin of the bum, always clean

The feces and urine bacteria contain very irritating for baby’s delicate skin and affect differently depending on the type of skin of each child.

Therefore, we recommend the use of diapers with high absorption able to keep baby’s bottom dry as long as possible, and change frequently.

In each diaper change should clean her skin with a damp sponge or baby wipes, provided that it does not contain a preservative linked to cases of atopic dermatitis, trying to thoroughly clean the folds.

After cleaning the skin, we recommend applying a cream or ointment paste that serves as a direct barrier to the stool and moisture at the first signs of irritation.

Clothing, natural fabrics

The basic care also includes clothes that will be in constant contact with baby’s skin. You must use all natural fabrics like cotton, breathable and free products made with chemicals.

The washing should be done with mild laundry detergent, without softeners or bleach, as chemicals can be adhered to the fibers and irritate the baby’s skin. You should also remove labels and avoid seams and creases that can cause scratches.