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Fruits and vegetables should be well washed for babies

The key to a good infant feeding is the hygiene of the food. Often children and babies have diseases and immune problems because parents do not properly care for the cleanliness of food.

Tips for thorough washing of food for babies

well washed fruits

  • Wash foods just before eating them. Wash before storing can damage them more quickly.
  • Rinsed well and rub the surface of the fruit or vegetable with water. Do not use soap for washing food.
  • Before cutting a food, well scrub rough surfaces (such as the slots of the melon) with a special brush for vegetables.
  • Dispose of any food containing mold or fungus. Clean and cut the affected areas are neither sufficient nor healthy.
  • Discard any food that has an ‘odd’ smell or is crushed, faded or have discolored surface.
  • If food can not be washed well and in full (as in the case of raspberries), then do not take it to small children!

There are measures to reduce the risk of contracting diseases because by children to consume fruits and raw vegetables that are packaged in bags. These foods must be kept refrigerated and if they are pre-cut or peeled should be refrigerated no more than two hours after being purchased. Food in bags and have been pre-washed not need to be washed again, however, as additional security, you can rinse just before eating. It is necessary to take certain measures of prevention in the kitchen for poor hygiene does not pass bill to the health of our children.

Another measure for good infant feeding is to learn to cook without losing vitamins. Vegetables, fruits and raw vegetables are the richest in vitamins of which man has but part of the nutrients is destroyed during the cooking process.

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