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Hold the baby so that he should not be startled

We should hold the baby gently, without sudden changes of position. It is simple, let’s see some tips.

hold baby

  • Always provides good support for the head and shoulders of the baby. Remember that his head is very heavy compared to the rest of the body and his muscles cannot sustain it.
  • We have around his head and shoulders (with the forearm, on the lap…) keeping them forward.
  • We can touch the baby firmly for a few seconds, without moving, that sees us coming and after a few seconds initiating the movement.
  • To pick up the baby from the place where he is resting or asleep and let it must be done slowly and gently, making sure that the head is not left without support.
  • Other “conflicting” moments for the support of the baby that we must ensure that safe feel are diaper changing, when we dressed them or the time of the bath.
  • We must avoid stretching of the arms or legs of the baby to move. It can be done as “exercise”, as a game, to help the diaper change … but not to move from one place to another because the head and back lost support.
  • When they are so small we must prevent sudden movements as jump with him, because he is scared. Shaking can cause serious damage.

Following these tips to support the baby so that the small ones should not be startled, he will feel safer and identify our arms as a perfect place to avoid danger.

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