How and when to remove the pacifier

The pacifier is one of those objects that accompany most of the children during the early part of his childhood. The sucking reflex is present in babies even before birth, and it has already been able to determine through ultrasound that the fetus begins to sucking your fingers between week 13 and week 14 of pregnancy. And it is that suction not only has a nutritive role, but also provides the baby peace and quiet, even though not swallow anything.

when remove pacifier

This “non-nutritive sucking” is the origin of the pacifier, although many children will not like the plastic nipple and sucks what is his finger. In any case, whether pacifier or finger, do not worry as the baby sucking need is something completely normal, even in children over one or two years.

With the pacifier so that the custom of sucking, it is difficult to establish a “magic date” from which be withdrawn, since each child has its own rhythms and brand their own times. However, it is easier to eliminate the habit of pacifier with sucking the finger; after all, it is a strange object to the child, which can be physically separated.

From what age should we remove the pacifier?
In the same way that there is a debate “pacifier yes-pacifier no”, there are mixed views regarding the age at which parents should take away the pacifier to their child. Most pediatric dentists recommend removing it before the year, so that it does not interfere in the mandibular development and eruption of teeth. However, for most children one year of age is too early, since the physiological need of suction is maintained.

For interference with the dentition and palate deformities are minimal, there are in the market find multiple teats to the different ages and with different forms (anatomical, physiological, flat …) and materials (silicone and rubber or latex).

Most children from year and a half or two years used a pacifier just go to sleep, because it helps them to calm down, and the withdrawal never should be suddenly, but slowly. Therefore, an acceptable recommendation would begin to withdraw from two years (if you have not left earlier), and that the child stop using it before age three, which is when they start to go school or kindergarten.

Do not forget that while many children find it difficult get rid of it, others do it for themselves, since the need to suck is lost gradually; grow up to become more autonomous and independent and no longer need it.