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How does it affect a child having parents with mental illness?

Being a child of a parent with a mental illness is not easy. The depression, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder condition affects the lives of sufferers, and also that of their children. The emotional problems are a constant in the life of the children of parents with these mental disorders, if patients do not receive the necessary professional care. And the danger that this trend will continue in adults, is even greater.

parent with mental illness

This situation is not as casual as it may seem, since it is estimated that one in four people suffers from mental illness throughout his life, and many have children.

For this reason, many health centers have programs of perinatal psychiatry, which specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric disorders associated with maternity.

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Assist children growing up in the company of parents with mental illness is essential to mitigate possible negative effects that this situation can cause them to major. The support should focus on the following points:

  • Getting an adult – whether a parent or not – is always at your side, offering security and affection.
  • Informing children – with understandable words for him – disease from their parents.
  • Recognize that difficult behavior of a child can be a cry for help, and be aware of the stress that has.
  • To give support and practical help to the family in the care of the child, including the involvement of social services in the process.

It should take into account that a child needs double support in these cases, both in tackling the disease from their parents, and to manage their own emotional and behavioral problems arising from the situation.

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