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How should be a child snack?

The snack is a necessary so that the child confronts strongly the evenings after an exhausting day of school; and that the kids need to eat more often than us to maintain constant his energy reserves. But, what should to put for a snack? It is what many parents wonder … Here some ideas to prepare a tasty and healthy snack:

child snack

We could say that the best option is the sandwich; one sandwich or small sandwich will be more than enough for our son to replenish forces. Inside we can put a few slices of turkey, ham or cheese, it can accompany with a little tomato or lettuce.

We can also give them a yogurt, a piece of fruit, some crackers or custard for dessert. Include these foods can be beneficial to complete the daily intake of calcium, cereal and fruit recommended.

The chocolate sandwich, the donut, the bollycao, its can book for one day a week; for the small understand that this type of snacks are not to eat every day.

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