How to apply punishments to children

The punishment of parents, by violent physical or verbal, are for the child a model of aggressive behavior. If the child lives surrounded by this model, you will be acquiring the habit of aggressively responding to conflict situations.

apply punishments

When the parents punished through physical or verbal abuse are converted to the child in models of aggressive behavior.

How to apply punishment to children?
Punishment should be used in a rational way to improve the behavior of children and should not depend on our mood. We must be controlled to control the child. Avoid applying punishment with shouts or quarrels, because this indicates that our behavior is negative and vindictive, which will strengthen an unacceptable behavior. If we teach children to resolve a conflict situation, it is necessary to shout, we will not resolve any problem.

Leads by example to correct the behavior of children
Why do we have to shout to say do not shout? That will not solve anything. We will be walking in circles, without advancing. To apply a punishment, we must listen to the child and try to be fair. Before the punishment, the child should be warned and warned of a firm and final form.

The type of punishment and the way in which the child is punished should not be disproportionate to his act or age to avoid provokes strong emotional responses in the child punished. Reconciling the punishment with a reinforcement of good behavior, will allow the child to “think” in their behavior for the future and what he has done wrong to be punished.

When the child is older, must be helped to develop their skills of self-control, using punishment in the context of behavior modification.

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